$5K Per Course Must Be Bottom-Line Contract Demand

What is needed is to take steps that concretely improve the situation of the majority of the instructional staff suffering the effects of the two-tier labor system. The Professional Staff Congress has formally endorsed the national campaign calling for a minimum starting salary of $5000 per three-credit semester course. We hereby call on the PSC leadership to make a formal commitment that the $5K demand will be a bottom-line demand in the current contract negotiations. Any proposed contract that does not include this should be rejected out of hand.

We invite all our fellow union members to sign and help circulate this call.

To sign this call, leave a comment here with your name and CUNY affiliation(s). Thanks!

Signed by:

Makeba Lavan, Graduate Center, CUNY

Erica Chutuape, Hunter College, CUNY

Sándor John, Hunter College, CUNY

Jennifer Chancellor, Graduate Center, CUNY

Sean M. Kennedy, Graduate Center, CUNY

Luke Elliott, Graduate Center, CUNY

Cindy Gorn, CUNY

James D. Hoff, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Elizabeth Bidwell Goetz, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Rafael A. Mutis​, Hostos Community College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Velina Manolova, Graduate Center, CUNY

Elizabeth Sibilia, Graduate Center, CUNY

Wendy Tronrud, Graduate Center, CUNY

Dadland Maye, Graduate Center, CUNY

Öykü Tekten, Graduate Center, CUNY

R. Josh Scannell, Graduate Center, CUNY

Preeti Sampat, Graduate Center, CUNY

Peter Matt, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Debangshu Roychoudhury, Graduate Center, CUNY

Monique Whitaker, Hunter College, CUNY

Jennifer Prince, Graduate Center, CUNY

Esther Bernstein, Graduate Center, CUNY

Héctor Agredano, City College, Bronx Community College, and Graduate Center, CUNY

Collette Sosnowy, JustPublics@365, Graduate Center, CUNY

Megan Paslawski, Graduate Center, CUNY

Kristen Hackett, Graduate Center, CUNY

Fang Xu, Lehman College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Christina Nadler, Graduate Center, CUNY

Kristin Moriah, Graduate Center, CUNY

James Anthony Phillips, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

Tristan K. Husby, City College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Erin Michaels, Graduate Center, CUNY

Cameron Pearson, Queens College, CUNY

David Tillyer, City College, CUNY

Amy Martin, Graduate Center, CUNY

Colin P. Ashley, Doctoral Students’ Council Co-Chair for Business, Graduate Center, CUNY

Ian Foster, Graduate Center, CUNY

Melissa Phruksachart, Graduate Center, CUNY

Maureen E. Fadem, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

Alec Magnet, Graduate Center, CUNY

Erin M. Andersen, Graduate Center, CUNY

Ashna Ali, Graduate Center, CUNY

Michael A. Rumore, Graduate Center, CUNY

Conor Tomás Reed, Medgar Evers College and Graduate Center, CUNY; Free University-NYC

Kathryn Moss, Graduate Center, CUNY

David Spataro, Graduate Center, CUNY

Kenneth H. Ryesky, Queens College, CUNY

Alan Trevithick, La Guardia Community College, CUNY

Ann Kottner, York College, CUNY

Mary Carroll, Lehman College, CUNY

Linda Neiberg, Baruch College, CUNY

Brian Unger, Graduate Center, CUNY

Ian Green, Graduate Center, CUNY

Eric Lott, Graduate Center, CUNY

John Sorrentino, John Jay College, CUNY

Allison E. Brown, Graduate Center, CUNY

Rayya El Zein, Medgar Evers College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Melissa K. Marturano, Brooklyn College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Dominique Nisperos, Graduate Center, CUNY

Amanda Matles, Graduate Center, CUNY

Lavelle Porter, City Tech and  Graduate Center, CUNY

Lauren Tenley, College of Staten Island, CUNY

Mary N. Taylor, Graduate Center, CUNY

Edwin Mayorga, Graduate Center, CUNY

Charlotte Thurston, Graduate Center, CUNY

Robin Hizme, Queens College, CUNY

Wilson Sherwin, Brooklyn College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Mark Drury, Graduate Center, CUNY

Anton Borst, Hunter College, Graduate Center, CUNY

Jason Schulman, Lehman College, CUNY

Wilma Borrelli, Lehman College, CUNY

Daniel Nieves, City College and Lehman College, CUNY

Maria L. Plochocki, Baruch and College Now, CUNY

Sara Jane Stoner, Graduate Center, CUNY

Anna Gjika, Graduate Center, CUNY

Alicia Andrzejewski, Graduate Center, CUNY

Paul Hebert, Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Patrick Reilly, Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Kara Van Cleaf, Graduate Center, CUNY

Harry T. Cason, College of Staten Island, CUNY

Kylah Torre, Graduate Center, CUNY

Kate O’Donoghue, Queens College, CUNY

Karen Gregory, City College and Center for Worker Education, CUNY

Michael Friedman, Queens College, CUNY

Heather Heim, Lehman College, CUNY

Austin Bailey, Hunter College, CUNY

Leigh Somerville, Queens College, CUNY

Lindsey Freer, Macaulay Honors College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Lydia Pelot-Hobbs, Graduate Center, CUNY

Nathaniel Sheets,  Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Jonathan R. Davis, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Marga Ryersbach, Queensborough Community College, CUNY

Andrew Akinmoladun, Bronx Community College, CUNY

Thomas Smith, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Tyler T. Schmidt, Lehman College, CUNY

Sarah Davis, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Emily Nell, Graduate Center, CUNY

Brenden Beck, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Brandon Kreitler, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Aysenur Ataman, College of Staten Island and Graduate Center, CUNY

Anthony Galluzzo, Queens College, CUNY

David Parsons, Baruch College, CUNY

Kelly Eckenrode, Lehman College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Danny Sanchez, Queens College, CUNY

Michelle Chen, Graduate Center, CUNY

Jennifer Hayashida, Hunter College, CUNY

Hayley Figueroa, Brooklyn College,  CUNY

Arto Artinian, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Rebecca Fullan, Graduate Center, CUNY

Aaron Botwick, Graduate Center, CUNY

Gerhard Joseph, Lehman College, CUNY

A.W. Strouse, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Casandra Murray, Hunter College, CUNY

Luis H. Francia, Hunter College, CUNY

Noé Dinnerstein, John Jay College, CUNY

Douglas A. Medina, Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Peter Ranis, Graduate Center, CUNY

Jacquelyn Libby, Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Saadia Toor, College of Staten Island, CUNY

Howard Pflanzer, Bronx Community College, CUNY

Yvonne Groseil, Hunter College, CUNY

Iziar de Miguel, Graduate Center, CUNY

Jacqueline Libby, Graduate Center, CUNY

Patricia Winter, Graduate Center, CUNY

Lisa Karakaya, Graduate Center, CUNY

Genevieve Waite, Graduate Center, CUNY

Morgan Horowitz, Hunter College, CUNY

Morgan M.X. Schulz, Hunter College and Queens College, CUNY

Anne Donlon, Graduate Center, CUNY

Tom Buechele, Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Priya Chandrasekaran, Graduate Center, CUNY

Sujatha Fernandes, Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Andy Battle, Graduate Center, CUNY

Tommy Mintz, Queens College and Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

Danielle Abrams, York College and College of Staten Island, CUNY

Tommy Wu, Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Zach Geller, City College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Mary Roldan, Hunter College, CUNY

Natascia Boeri

Jen Tang, Graduate Center, CUNY

Marie Jasmine Narcisse, Graduate Center, CUNY

Tayt J. Harlin, Medgar Evers College, CUNY

Kathleen Rockwell Lawrence, Baruch College

Mariana Goycoechea, Graduate Center

Dana Loev Radu, Graduate Center

Timothy Wilson, Graduate Center

Antoinette Williams-Tutt, Graduate Center

Rupal Oza, Hunter College

Luis Alvarez, Africana & Puerto Rican/Latino Studies, Hunter College

Peter Dudek, Art, Hunter College

Robert Alpert, Film, Hunter College

Brian Herbert, CLT, Hunter College

Sarah Jeninsky, HEO, Hunter College

George Wallace, CLT, Hunter College

Gus Pita, HEO, Hunter College

Tamara Green, Classical & Oriental Studies, Hunter College

Rosa Alicia Ramos, Romance Languages, Hunter College

Maria LaRusso, Queens College presently at Hunter

Wei-Yi Cheng, Classical & Oriental Studies, Hunter College

Mary Anne Cartelli, Classical & Oriental Studies, Hunter College

Maria L. Fischer, Romance Languages, Hunter College

Magdalena Perkowska, Romance Languages, Hunter College

Paul McPherron, English, Hunter College

Lynn McCormick,  Urban Affairs, Hunter College

Melissa Haldeman, HEO, Urban Affairs, Hunter College

Jill Simone Gross, Urban Affairs, Hunter College

Karen Kern, History, Hunter College

Daniel Hurewitz, History, Hunter College

Angelo Angelis, History, Hunter College

Richard Belsky, History, Hunter College

Akiyo Furukawa, Classical & Oriental Studies, Hunter College

Maria Paynter, Romance Languages, Hunter College

Daniela D’Eugenio, Romance Languages, Hunter College [job title unknown]

Wilson Spencer, AFPRL, Hunter College

Claus Mueller, Sociology, Hunter College

Howard Chernick, Economics, Hunter College

Vivette Ancona, Economics, Hunter College

Fatma Cebenoyan, Accounting, Hunter College

Josh Schneiderman, English, Hunter College

Kathie Cheng, English, Hunter College

Elke Nicolai, German, Hunter College

Elizabeth Beaujour, Classical & Oriental Studies, Hunter College

Paolo Fasoli, Romance Languages Classical & Oriental Studies. Hunter College

Meena Alexander, Hunter College and Graduate Center

Jessie Liss, John Jay

Hamad Sindhi, CCNY

Susanna Roos, Graduate Center

Dirk Witteveen, Graduate Center and Queens College

Michael W. Raphael, Graduate Center and John Jay

Pilar Ortiz, Graduate Center

Tom Buechele, Graduate Center and Hunter

Simone Kolysh, Graduate Center and Brooklyn College

Scarlett Lindeman, Graduate Center

Paul Attewell, Graduate Center

Kim Cunningham, Graduate Center

Carlos M. Camacho, Graduate Center

Duygu Basaran Sahin, Graduate Center

Stephen Ruszczyck, Graduate Center

Mary Clare Lennon, Graduate Center

Omar Montana, Graduate Center and Queens College

Daniel Douglas, Graduate Center

Cathy Bork, Graduate Center

Noah Golden, Graduate Center

Sara Martucci, Graduate Center

Rati Kashyap, Graduate Center

Philip Kasinitz, Graduate Center

Dave Monahan, Graduate Center

Vandeen Campbell, Lehman College

Sarah Tosh, Brooklyn College

Tommy Wu, Queens College

Kaleela Munroe, York

Jesse Allen, Graduate Center

Gabriele Cappelleti, Graduate Center

Eric Ketcham, Lehman College

Francesco Crocco, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Racquel Goodison, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jill Richardson, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Kelly Secovnie, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Adele Kudish, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Carlos Hernandez, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Andrew Levy, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Joe Bisz, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Paul Palven, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Lois Griffith, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Andrew Gottlieb, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Gregory Munna, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Lara Stapleton, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Margarette Connor, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Julie M. Vega, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Rolanda Jorif, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Margaret Claire Pamplin, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Rahmat Tavakol, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Gerald Schoenewolf, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Erica White, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Hemalatha Navaratne, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Charles J. Ray III, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Julius Key, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jennifer Pinkney-Pastor, Borough of Manhattan Community College

William Roane, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Dan DePaulo, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Ting Lei, Borough of Manhattan Community College

David Caicedo, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Debra Greenwood, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Sheldon Applewhite, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Philip Weisman, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Anastassios Rigopoulos, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jon Dash, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Cynthia Karasek, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Silvia Alvarez-Olarra, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Eda Henao, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Nidia Pulles-Linares, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Alejandro Varderi, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Kristina Varadi, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Zenon Reynarowych, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Fritz Cornely, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Emmanuel Palav, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Michael Kent, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Barb Ashton, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Estuart Rudin, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Brian Prager, Borough of Manhattan Community College and Hunter College

Juliet Emanuel, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Katherine Figueroa, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Cheryl Brown, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Nora Gold, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Susan Brillhart, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Akemi Nishida, Psych, Graduate Center

Andrew Stout, Math, Graduate Center

Nikita Miasnikov, Math, Graduate Center

Erin McKinney-Prupis, Public Health, Graduate Center

David Harvey, Graduate Center

Alejandro Alonso, Graduate Center and Brooklyn College

Erika Mazzer, Comp Lit, Graduate Center

David Himmelstein, Public Health, Graduate Center

Caroline Loomis, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Graduate Center

Rod Watts, Psych, Graduate Center

Khaled Al Hilli, Graduate Center

Betty Wolder Levin, Health & Nutrition Sciences, Brooklyn College

Diana Soriano, CCNY

Rosa Merola, NYCCT

Astrid Roldan, Lehman College

Greg Houston, Brooklyn College

Spencer Bastedo, Graduate Center

Vishnu Bisram, CUNY

Isa Vásquez, CUNY

Alan Koenig, Poli Sci, Graduate Center

Marissa Brostoff, English, Graduate Center

Bora Ferlengez, Math, Graduate Center

Jeremy Benson, Graduate Center

Ian Fernandopulle, laid off from Brooklyn College

Elan Abrell, Urban Studies, Queens College

Maggie Dickinson, Macaulay

Mikhael Simmonds, CCNY

Rishika Bajaj, Hostos

Aradhana Kumari, Math, Graduate Center

Lauren Suchman, Anthropology, Graduate Center

Erika Suffern, Renaissance Society, CUNY

Andreas Kakolyris, Graduate Center

Scott Fisher, Psych, Hunter College

Nicholas Michelli, Graduate Center

Igor Pikayzen, Music, Graduate Center

Ahmed Shamim, Graduate Center and LAGCC

Purnima Thakur, Graduate Center

Matthew Oyer, Graduate Center

Ashley Chastain, Public Health, Hunter College

Adam McMahon, Poli Sci, Hunter College

Pamela Vossenas, Graduate Center

Anders Wallace, Graduate Center

Stanley Aronowitz, Graduate Center

Fabbio Battista, Comp Lit, Graduate Center

Matilde Fogliani, Comp Lit, Graduate Center

Denisse Andrade, Geography, Graduate Center

James Sevitt, Environmental Psych, Graduate Center

S. Hooiveld, Graduate Center

Sami Al-Dhaheri, Graduate Center

Nancy Berke, LAGCC

Anne Stone, Music, Graduate Center

Juliana Karras-Jean Gilles, Psychology, Graduate Center

Michael Baker, CCNY

Cihan Karabulut, John Jay

Amy Schiller, Graduate Center

Timothy Johnson, Graduate Center and Queens College

Sarah Hesson, Urban Ed, Graduate Center

Agustin Indaco, Graduate Center

Rahul Deshmukh, Physics, Graduate Center

Osmen Dogan, Brooklyn College

Jennifer Wilkinson, Graduate Center

Carl Louis, NYCTC, Brooklyn

Sonia K. González, Public Health, Graduate Center

Lydia Brassard, Queens College

Deborah Gardner, Roosevelt House, Hunter College

Ben Hellwege, Graduate Center

Peggy Suzuki, English, Hunter College

Sara Rutkowski, English, Hunter College

David Winn, English, Hunter College

Fernando Zapata, Philosophy, Hunter College

Allannah Karas, Graduate Center

Gail Elizabeth Korn, English, Hunter College

Consuelo Martinez-Reyes, Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College

Harry Franqui, Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños, Hunter College

José Camacho, Centro, Hunter College

Marilisa Jiménez, Centro, Hunter College

Jose de Jesus, Centro, Hunter College

Kurt Brison, Centro, Hunter College

Alberto Hernández, Centro, Hunter College

James Kielkopf, Centro, Hunter College

Margarita Aguilar, Centro, Hunter College

Francesco Frova, Baruch College

Sanjay Reddy, Graduate Center

Elias J. Theodoracopoulos, Classics, Hunter College

Thomas Chen, Classics, Hunter College

Stephen Wetta, English, Hunter College

Calliope Haritos, Educational Foundations, Hunter College

Kimberly Kinsler, Educational Foundations, Hunter College

Tony Doyle, Library, Hunter College

James Regan, FDA, Hunter College

Elizabeth Sachs, Director, Ed Abroad, Hunter College

Mayra Torres, Asst. Dir., Centro, Hunter College

Noraliz Ruiz, Centro, Hunter College

Xavier Totti, Lehman College

Jack Gantzer, Education and Language Acquisition, LaGuardia

Aaron Hamilton, LaGuardia

Carole Julien, LaGuardia

Debbie Villalón, Coop Ed & Humanities, LaGuardia

George D. Sussman, Social Sciences, LaGuardia

Ana Kosok, ALC, LaGuardia

Viktoria Dudar, LaGuardia

Claudia Baldonedo, LaGuardia

Grace Malijan, LaGuardia

Suzanne Jones, LaGuardia

Howard Motoike, Natural Sciences, LaGuardia

Justin Rogers-Cooper, LaGuardia

Jason Hendrickson, English, LaGuardia

Allia Abdullah-Matta, LaGuardia

Sreca Perukovic, LaGuardia

Abdel Kadik, LaGuardia

Ann Matsuuchi, LaGuardia

Judi O’Toole, Natural Sciences, LaGuardia

Carol Haspel, Natural Sciences, LaGuardia

Faith Armstrong, Natural Sciences, LaGuardia

Rebecca Rivera-Maestre, Health Sciences, LaGuardia

Steve Lang, LaGuardia

Marzena Bugaj, LaGuardia

Silvia Lu, Library, LaGuardia

Alexandra Rojas, Library, LaGuardia

Steven Ovadia, Library, LaGuardia

Muath Obaidat, LaGuardia

Olga Calderón, Natural Sciences, LaGuardia

Cynthia Pierce, Health Sciences, LaGuardia

Maureen Doyle, Health Sciences, LaGuardia

Irene Ofiaza, Health Sciences, LaGuardia

Janette Huang, Health Sciences, LaGuardia

Samuel Kleinplatz, Humanities, LaGuardia

Dora P. Trujillo, LaGuardia/MEC

Dan Roth, LaGuardia

Julian Hernandez, ESL, LaGuardia

Maria Hart, LaGuardia

Sreedevi Ande, LaGuardia

Gordon Crandall, LaGuardia/MEC

Thomas Fink, LaGuardia

Edna Boris, English, LaGuardia

Gordon Tapper, English, LaGuardia

Stafford Gregoire, English, LaGuardia

Dean Kostos, English, LaGuardia

Mikhail A. Valentin, LaGuardia

S. Rosenberg, Health Sciences

R. Ippolito, Health Sciences, LaGuardia

M. O’Shea, Health Sciences, LaGuardia

Guadalupe Delacruz, LaGuardia

Malika Toval, LaGuardia

William Diaz Jr., LaGuardia

Bethany Jacobsen, LaGuardia

Claudia Moreno Parsons, LaGuardia Community College

Christine Marks, LaGuardia Community College

Daniel Lynch, English, LaGuardia Community College

John Silva, English, LaGuardia Community College

Gail Green-Andersen, English, LaGuardia Community College

Kristen Gallagher, LaGuardia Community College

Bethany Holmstrom, English, LaGuardia Community College

Cynthia C. Lam, English, LaGuardia Community College

Charles Perkins, ACE, LaGuardia Community College

Jenny Palios, Health Science, LaGuardia Community College

Jackie Ross, Health Science, LaGuardia Community College

Clarence Chan, Health Science, LaGuardia Community College

Marianne Cu, Health Science, LaGuardia Community College

Varvara Efremova, Health Science, LaGuardia Community College

Khalid Kassou, Math, LaGuardia Community College

Jose L. Araujo, MEC, LaGuardia Community College

Hector Martinez, Math, Bronx Community College and LaGuardia Community College

Lauretta Horton, Writing Center, LaGuardia Community College

Prabha Betne, MEC, LaGuardia Community College

Ali Abdullah, LaGuardia Community College

Gail Buksh-Jarrett, LaGuardia Community College

Monika Ekiert, LaGuardia Community College

Ruhma Choudhury, LaGuardia Community College

James Richardson, LaGuardia Community College

Marrina Dedlovskaya, LaGuardia Community College

N. Goubran, LaGuardia Community College

Richard Brown, LaGuardia Community College

Thomas Onorato, LaGuardia Community College

Arthur Simms, Humanities, LaGuardia Community College

Tim Coogan, Social Science, LaGuardia Community College

Nichole Shippen, Social Science, LaGuardia Community College

Paul Quatinetz, LaGuardia Community College

Christine Caruso, LaGuardia Community College

Christina Stang, LaGuardia Community College

Jai-ne Tilghman, Workforce Education Center, LaGuardia Community College

Michelle Sampson, Workforce Education Center, LaGuardia Community College

Vanessa R. Watson, Program for Deaf Adults, LaGuardia Community College

Yakov Shifrin, Program for Deaf Adults, LaGuardia Community College

David A. Housel, CLIP, ACE, LaGuardia Community College

Molly Fox, Social Worker, LaGuardia Community College

John Chaffee, Humanities, LaGuardia Community College

Marcus D. Allen, Associate Professor, Urban Studies, Guttman Community College

Marcia Edwards, Assistant Professor, Human Services, Guttman Community College

Carolee Ramsay, Guttman Community College

Alia Tyner, Assistant Prof./chap. chair, Guttman Community College

Anthony Gronowicz, Adjunct Assoc. Prof., BMCC

Darren Kwong, Graduate Center

Tanesha Thomas, Graduate Center

Vanessa Paul, Graduate Center

Alice Tzou, Graduate Center

Scott Schwartz, Graduate Center

Samuel Heilman, Queens College (Distinguished Professor of Sociology)

Jesse Goldstein, Hunter College

Margaret Feeley, Adj. Lecturer, English, Kingsborough Community College

John Keller, Adj. Lecturer, English, Kingsborough

Bruce Chadwick, Adj. Professor, English, Kingsborough

Tara Thompson, English, Kingsborough

Eric Rothenberg, Business, Kingsborough

Steven Janowsky, Lecturer, English, Kingsborough

Samantha Sierra, Kingsborough

Reabeka King, Kingsborough

Arelis Martinez, Kingsborough

Marie McGovern, Kinsgborough

Elizabeth Dill, Kingsborough

Sue Carpenter, Asst. Prof., Behavioral Sciences, Kingsborough

Heidi Lopez, Single Stop, Kingsborough

M. Schlesinger, Academic Affairs, Kingsborough

M. Cummings, English, Kingsborough

L. Garland, History, Kingsborough

Y. Solovieva, English, Kingsborough

E. Esdaille, English, Kingsborough

Geraldo Vasquez, Guttman Community College

Ariana Gonzalez Stokas, Guttman Community College

Parviz Kermani, Guttman Community College

Naveen Seth, Guttman Community College

Julie Saltzman, Guttman Community College


Additional signatories listed in the comments to this post.

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    Graduate Center CUNY

  16. Rose Helen M Tomassi says:

    CUNY Graduate Center

  17. Andrew Gottlieb says:

    Agreed. Adjuncts receive considerably less than half of what full-time faculty get per course. A change is most definitely needed.

  18. […] sign this call, please visit its new site here and leave a comment with your name and CUNY affiliation(s). […]

  19. Deshonay Dozier says:

    Deshonay Dozier, Hunter College, Urban Planning and Affairs

  20. Jeremy Rayner says:

    Jeremy Rayner, Hunter College

  21. H. Alexander Welcome says:

    H. Alexander Welcome, LaGuardia Community College

  22. Kelly Ramin says:

    Kelly Ramin, Hunter College alumnus, Biology and Religious Studies

  23. Sara Rempe says:

    Sara Rempe. Hunter College, CUNY

  24. Catherine Siemann says:

    English, John Jay College.

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    York College.

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    Amy Wan, English department, Queens College

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    Ardal Powell, PhD, Graduate Center, CUNY

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    Susan L. Kang
    John Jay College, CUNY

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    Political Science Department, Brooklyn College

  30. Kimberly Belmonte says:

    Kimberly Belmonte, The Graduate Center, CUNY

  31. Janice Bloom says:

    Janice Bloom, Graduate Center, CUNY

  32. Janice Cline says:

    This is a great beginning to an ever-so-needed campaign for justice to some of CUNY’s most dedicated faculty! I support it wholeheartedly. As I prepared a somewhat new course this semester, I kept thinking about how much I would be paid for doing this amount of work if I were an adjunct. It was an eye-opener and made me very, very angry!
    In solidarity,
    Janice Cline, former PSC Chapter Chair at York

  33. Chris Kiehne says:

    Chris Kiehne, Brooklyn College.

  34. Karen Taborn says:

    Please sign my name

  35. Alan Aja says:

    Please add my name. Brooklyn College. Department of Puerto Rican & Latino Studies.

  36. Steven Weisblatt says:

    Steven Weisblatt CLIP, York College

  37. David Arnow says:

    $5K is just a bare, bare minimum start on the road to equity pay. A 6 course annual load exceeds full time teaching load in most decent educational institutions. So, this amounts to $30K/year for overload. That’s crazy. But way better than the even crazier way things are now.

  38. Robert I. Aceves says:

    York College

  39. Nicholas Ara says:

    York College – CUNY, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science

  40. Mychel J. Namphy says:

    Mychel Namphy
    York College

  41. Ian Hansen says:

    York College, CUNY

  42. super – exploitation of adjuncts seriosly degrades the quality of public higher education as well as working conditions for all.

  43. Holly Clarke, John Jay College says:

    It is imperative that the PSC bargain for a substantial fixed dollar increase for all adjuncts in this contract. In addition to endorsing the campaign for $5 K as a minimum salary for adjuncts, the PSC has as a key contract demand approved by the Delegate Assembly in November 2010 to acheive “substantial, measurable progress toward pay parity fir part-tine teaching adjuncts…”
    An Adjunct Lecturer starting out and teaching four 3- credit courses a year makes only $13,600. An Adjunct Assistant Professor who has been teaching for more that 15 years and teaches six 3-credit courses a year (Nearly a full time load) currently makes only $26,200!! Raising the minimum to $5,000 a 3-credit courses is a beginning–though stil far from parity. The Adjunct Assistant Professor above with 15 years experience would see their compensation go to about $35,000 a year including the professional hour .

  44. Bill says:

    William Ashton, York College

  45. Steve Cosares says:

    The value of our work in the classroom can not be appreciated if it can be replaced in the education marketplace for only a mere couple of thousands of dollars per course.

  46. Marci Goodman says:

    Queens College

  47. alan feigenberg says:

    respect for adjunct is critical!

  48. Charles Post says:

    Professor, Social Science, BMCC

  49. Nayma Qayum says:

    Nayma Qayum, Ph.D., Graduate Center – Political Science.

  50. David Palazzo says:

    PhD, CUNY Graduate Center. Adjunct Lecturer, York College, Political Science.

    I’ve been an adjunct in CUNY since January 2005. The remuneration and scaling back of benefit qualification is an insult to the majority of teachers working in this university. What is being requested here, I’m glad to see, is nothing other than a minimal demand that would just about bring adjuncts into the realm of a “living wage,” and give us a bit of respite from the multiple injuries that are hidden in contingency labor.

  51. Russell Weiss-Irwin says:

    As a student, it is outrageous that our professors are so poorly paid.

  52. Amy Baker says:

    Social Welfare, Graduate Center

  53. Konstantinos Pouliasis says:

    Graduate Center Phd Candidate, Computer Science

  54. Khalil Vasquez, City College CUNY

  55. Michael Pollak says:

    Please add me. No affiliation. (New Yorker & ex-graduate student, if that helps.)

  56. Amanda marin-Chollom says:

    The Graduate Center

  57. Haruko Yamauchi says:

    Eugenio María de Hostos Community College

  58. Annie Dell'Aria says:

    The Graduate Center and Queensborough Community College

  59. Annam Choudhry says:

    International Relations , City College of New York; Political Science, Brooklyn College

  60. Michael Busch says:

    City College of New York and The Graduate Center, CUNY

  61. Rebecca Traynor says:

    Rebecca Traynor, CUNY GC

  62. LS says:

    Laura Sywulak – Baruch College and the Graduate Center

  63. Naomi Podber says:

    Naomi Podber, Graduate Center, CUNY

  64. April Burns says:

    John Jay College, CUNY

  65. Devin Heyward says:

    Devin Heyward, The Graduate Center

  66. Hunter Kincaid says:

    The students often see more of us adjuncts than they do full professors at CUNY. We write letters of recommendation, we help them find grad schools and jobs after they graduate, they come to us with their stress and personal problems because they see us as accessible compared to other professors. It is time to start paying us for the work we do…..our job is not just during the lecture, and anyone in any department knows that.

  67. Christin P. Bowman says:

    Graduate Center and Hunter College, CUNY

  68. Sonia A. Sánchez says:

    Psych, Graduate Center and Hunter, CUNY

  69. Raymond Law says:

    Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

  70. Michael Seitz says:

    Michael Seitz

  71. Here’s my signature.

  72. Charlotte Gartenberg says:

    CUNY, Graduate Center, PhD Candidate, HLBLL

  73. Charlotte Gartenberg says:

    Graduate Center, Phd Candidate, HLBLL

  74. Valdon Tau Battice, BMCC and Guttman Community College says:

    Add my name to this petition.

  75. Kofi Benefo says:


  76. Mariya Gluzman says:

    Adjunct Lecturer, Brooklyn College

    In light of the fact that we may not even have health insurance after June 30th, I feel that very little is being done to improve our situation. Conversion lines are no longer there. There is nowhere to go for adjuncts who have reached the final step on the salary scale. We are being laid-off in droves, sometimes last-minute. The situation is quite disheartening.

  77. Jennifer Mayzus says:

    Brooklyn College

  78. Daniel Greenberger says:

    Add my name to both petitions.
    Thank you.

  79. Christopher Stone says:

    Christopher Stone, Hunter College, CUNY

  80. Matthew Southard says:

    Graduate Center, PhD Candidate, Psychology

  81. María Elena Torre says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  82. Gordon Whatley, Prof of English, QC & CUNY Grad Ctr says:

    In solidarity

  83. Jenn Chmielewski says:

    Jennifer Chmielewski, Graduate Center, CUNY

  84. Kristine says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  85. John Jay College and Queens College

  86. Erin Wuebker says:

    PhD Candidate, Graduate Center
    Adjunct, Queens College

  87. John McMahon says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  88. Akissi Britton says:

    Graduate Center

  89. kuan-yi chen says:

    Kuan-yi Chen, CUNY Graduate Center

  90. Marcela F. Gonzalez says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  91. Katia Belousova says:

    Lehman College and York College, CUNY

  92. Arlene Geiger says:

    The exclusion of improvement in adjunct financial compensation in Barbara’s statement was a glaring retreat not only from the goal of $5K, but of moving toward equity. While I agree that expecting the whole leap to $5,000 in one contract is not politically realistic, a significant part of that leap should be in the currently negotiated new contract.

    There is an obvious contradiction between adjuncts salaries moving toward [even if not fully achieving] equity and stating that the new money should be devoted to full time faculty and students. This would just widen the salary gap.

    Across the board percentage increases for adjunct faculty just increases the gap in our pay. To put this in numbers, 1% of $3,500 per course [more than many adjuncts are actually paid] is $35, if 6 courses are taught the yearly increase would be $180 plus $23 for office hours. Thus each 1% increase would give us $203 extra per year. The same 1% would give a full time faculty member with just a $75,000 [less than many full timers are paid] an extra $750 yearly. So, a 3% increase for adjuncts would be, $609 per year, while a full timer with just a salary of $75,000 would be $2,250 per year.

    Does this sound like equal treatment? Does this sound like moving towards equity? To move towards $5K or equity, the new contract must deliver much more than the same percentage increase that full timers receive.

    Our union’s statements and actions need to be made consistent, across the board increases would not achieve that.

    In solidarity [which goes both ways],

  93. Shirley Frank says:

    York and City Tech

    It is definitely time to launch a serious negotiation to raise our shockingly low adjunct faculty salaries to something approaching a living wage. There’s no point in the PSC’s getting people out to march for “May Day $5K,” which it did, unless it intends to demand this minimum starting salary for adjuncts in contract negotiations.

  94. Joshua Wilner says:

    I have signed the petition as a full-time faculty member (City College and The Graduate Center) who wishes to express solidarity with my adjunct colleagues and to protest the exploitative terms of their employment. I don’t subscribe, however, to the demand that “Any proposed contract that does not include [the 5K per course minimum for adjunct faculty] should be rejected out of hand” by the union. I will try to explain why with some back of the envelope arithmetic. At my home institution, City College, between 11 and 12 million dollars is currently spent per year compensating adjunct faculty (so let’s say 11,500.000). It is hard to know how many courses that corresponds to, but if one stipulates an average salary of around $3500 per course (I know that’s undoubtedly high, but I’m trying to use conservative assumptions), we’re talking about roughly 3300 courses at City College alone. The cost of increasing salaries by $1500 for those 3300 courses, would be around $5 million dollars. If one extrapolates those numbers to the university as a whole – with some institutions considerably larger than City, such as BMCC or Hunter, with others around the same size or smaller – one is looking at a cost of $100 million dollars, which is 3.3% of CUNY 3 billion dollar budget. I believe this is a conservative estimate and the real cost would be higher. There is no reason to expect an increase in higher State or City funding for CUNY, though one knows tuition will continue to increase. So, if my calculations have any plausibility, the question is where that $100 million plus would come from. I don’t see how it happens without freezing full-time hiring of faculty, staff and administrators and also letting people go – both full-time and adjunct. Like many public institutions nation-wide, the university survives by shifting the responsibility for instruction from full-time to adjunct faculty whose conditions of employment are exploitative. This structural arrangement has been evolving for a long time; it will not easily be reversed without a change in the political climate. Like Sean, I was surprised by the glaring omission of any reference to adjunct faculty in Barbara Bowen’s statement of May 9th, although I think overall she has been a tough and effective union president. The time to fight back is indeed long overdue, but none of the choices the union faces – whether led by the New Caucus, or another group – are good ones.

  95. Sylvia M. Gonzalez says:

    LaGuardia Community College, TELC

  96. Jennifer Gaboury says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  97. Alison Klein says:

    Graduate Center PhD candidate, English

  98. Lori Ungemah says:

    Stella & Charles Guttman Community College

  99. Pieranna Pieroni says:


  100. Nooreddin Naghibolhosseini says:

    Nooreddin Naghibolhosseini, CUNY Graduate Center

  101. Camila Torres says:

    Guttman Community College, Hunter College

  102. Heidi Diehl says:

    Heidi Diehl, Brooklyn College

  103. Hyein Lee says:

    Graduate Center, Hunter College, Baruch College

  104. Vivian R. Gruder says:

    It is shameful this resort to low-paid adjuncts. In the past those who did not yet have PhDs had status as lecturors or instructors, with benefits. CUNY should return to that practice!

  105. Diane Price says:


  106. Graduate Center, CUNY

  107. Carl Schlachte says:

    Brooklyn College

  108. Andrew Gorin says:

    Andrew Gorin, Brooklyn College and Queens College

  109. Amy Martin says:

    Two more names, on behalf of the GC French Program:
    Ashley Williard, Graduate Center, CUNY
    Ana Laila Pedro Mosak, Graduate Center, CUNY

  110. Frances Tran says:

    Frances Tran, Graduate Center, CUNY

  111. Rebecca Walker says:

    Guttman Community College

  112. Alex Wermer-Colan says:

    Graduate Center PHD Candidate, English

  113. Jason Nielsen says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  114. Anick Boyd says:

    Anick Boyd, The Graduate Center, CUNY

  115. Ana Bozicevic says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  116. Sian Silyn Roberts says:

    Queens College

  117. Anna Finkelstern says:

    Anna Finkelstern

  118. Anna Finkelstern says:

    Please add my name

  119. Caitlin Irish says:

    Caitlin Irish, Guttman Community College, CUNY

  120. chloe smolarski says:

    York College

  121. Tanya Pollard, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center says:

    Please add my name.

  122. Rafael Muñoz says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  123. Paul Naish says:

    Paul Naish, Guttman Community College

  124. Karla Fuller says:

    This is an opportunity for CUNY to be a role model for colleges across the nation to compensate adjuncts for the excellent work they do.

  125. T Meyerhoff says:

    T Meyerhoff, CUNY Graduate Center

  126. Virginia Johnson, Queens College says:

    For all the hard work, dedication, poor benefits, including the on going attempt to end our health insurance, little or no recognition, we deserve a decent wage. We do the work; we deserve to be paid adequately.

  127. Forest Fisher says:

    Assistant Professor, Guttman Community College, CUNY

  128. Virginia Johnson says:

    It’s way past time for adjuncts to be paid what they deserve for the amount of work they do, the lack of recognition they receive, the job insecurity, the woeful benefits they receive and the dedication they consistently show to their students and their job — or calling. We travel from school to school, logging many hours on the road, to support ourselves and endure continually anxiety and stress caused by things like the on-going attempt to deprive us of health insurance. We do yeoman’s and yeowoman’s service. What’s wrong with being paid an adequate wage for that?

  129. Meira Levinson says:

    Meira Levinson, The Graduate Center, CUNY

  130. Brian Olson says:

    Brian Olson, PhD candidate at CUNY Graduate Center and Adjunct at Lehman College

  131. Carla España says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  132. Katie Blakely says:

    Katie Blakely, Stella and Charles Guttman Community College & Brooklyn College

  133. Kimberley A. Garcia says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY and Queens College, CUNY

  134. Alexander Elinson says:

    Hunter College and Graduate Center, CUNY

  135. Matthew Mead says:

    Matthew Mead, Guttman Community College and City College

  136. Avram Bornstein says:

    John Jay

  137. Laurel Harris says:

    Laurel Harris, QCC

  138. Ariana Gonzalez Stokas says:

    Making the individuals who we rely on to educate youth live in precarious situations is unethical. An institution committed to social justice in word should also do so in actions.

  139. Derek Tesser says:

    Derek Tesser, Guttman Community College, CUNY

  140. Marc Edelman says:

    Hunter College & Graduate Center

  141. Mayida Zaal says:

    Urban Education, Graduate Center

  142. CUNY Graduate Center

  143. Ria Banerjee says:

    Ria Banerjee, Guttman Community College, CUNY

  144. Nate Mickelson says:

    Instructor of English, Guttman Community College
    PhD candidate, The Graduate Center

  145. Justin Van Wormer says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  146. Arlene Geiger says:

    Given that the PSC leadership has stated both that it is committed to “moving towards equity” and for “5,000 per course” negotiations for the current contract MUST push for considerably more financial compensation for adjunct faculty than an across the board percentage increase in pay. The same percentage increase for adjuncts as for full-timers widens the gap, rather than closes it. They can pay for a vacation with it while we can have a few more hamburgers [or salads] a year – not an equivalent!

  147. Lynne Beckenstein says:

    Lynne Beckenstein, Graduate Center, CUNY

  148. Sherman Lee says:

    Sherman Lee, John Jay College, CUNY

  149. Alyssa Mackenzie says:

    Alyssa Mackenzie, The Graduate Center and Queens College, CUNY

  150. Livia Woods says:

    Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center

  151. Timothy Griffiths says:

    Brooklyn College, CUNY

  152. City Tech and Graduate Center, CUNY

  153. Rachel Chapman says:

    Rachel Chapman, CUNY Graduate Center

  154. Sounak Ghosh Roy says:

    Queens College of CUNY, The Graduate Center

  155. Wendell Cooper says:

    Wendell Cooper, Hunter College, CUNY

  156. Roz Myers says:

    PhD Student & Adjunct Jjay College of Crim Justice

  157. Portia Seddon says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  158. Elizabeth Decker says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  159. Cindy M. Bautista-Thomas says:

    Cindy M. Bautista-Thomas, Graduate Center, CUNY

  160. MiRi Park says:

    MiRi Park, Hunter College, CUNY

  161. Linda Farhood-Karasavva says:

    I have been at Queens College for 35 years and we are
    always hanging by a thread when it comes to money. There
    has NEVER been one year when we have been trated fairly in terms of salary. I support the $5000 per course 100%.

  162. Karen Weingarten says:

    Queens College, CUNY

  163. Howard Singer says:

    Baruch College

  164. Jesse Tandler says:

    Graduate Center, Hunter College and Brooklyn College

  165. Justin Tojeira says:

    Justin Tojeira, Hunter College

  166. David Letzler says:

    Queens College, CUNY

  167. Billy Clark says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  168. Kelly J Seufert says:

    Queens College, CUNY

  169. patricia hoffbauer says:

    I teach at Hunter’ dance program

  170. Emily Schnee says:

    Kingsborough Community College

  171. Sarah Hesson says:

    CUNY, Graduate Center

  172. Mike Thompson says:

    City College of New York

  173. Susan McCullough says:

    City College, CUNY

  174. Diana Meckley says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  175. Sophia Aidiniou says:

    The Borough of Manhattan Community College

  176. Kirsten Cole says:

    Borough of Manhattan Community College

  177. Elizabeth Weybright says:

    Elizabeth Weybright, Graduate Center, CUNY

  178. Lori Chajet says:

    CUNY Graduate Center and Brooklyn College

  179. Carolyne Ali-Khan says:

    Graduate Center Alumni

  180. Barbara Hubert says:

    CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College

  181. Colleen Cusick says:

    CUNY Graduate Center

  182. Sami Al-Dhaheri says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  183. Deborah Greenblatt says:

    Hunter College

  184. Kelly Anderson says:

    Associate Prof.
    Dept of Film and Media Studies
    Hunter College, CUNY

  185. Joel Kemp says:

    Joel Kemp; CUNY Graduate Center

  186. Jon-Christian Suggs says:

    To be just and honest in this time of scoundrels.

  187. Ben Spatz says:

    GC Alum, former BC/CSI Adjunct

  188. suzanne tamang says:

    graduate center, brooklyn college

  189. Catherine Liu says:

    Graduate Center alumna professor UC Irvine

  190. Xing Su says:

    Graduate Center

  191. Colin S. Macdonald says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  192. Ernesto Garcia says:

    City College of New York and The Graduate Center

  193. Valia Mitsou says:

    Graduate Center

  194. Leslie Shaw says:

    I will do what I can but I am not optimistic about the prospect of this.

  195. Milena Shattuck says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  196. Allen Harper says:

    We are teaching 50% (at a minimum) of the CUNY courses. We deserve nothing less!

  197. Mohamed Ayed says:


  198. Matteo Campanelli says:

    Matteo Campanelli, Graduate Center, CUNY

  199. George Rabanca says:

    Please add me to the petition.

  200. Allan Zelener says:

    Graduate Center, Hunter College

  201. Rachel G says:

    Queens College, CUNY

  202. Sara G says:

    Queens college

  203. Alexander Baldassano says:

    Graduate Center, PhD candidate English

    Graduate Teaching Fellow, Hunter College

  204. Cihan Karabulut says:

    Graduate Center, Mathematics

  205. Leonard Feldman says:

    Hunter College

  206. Balthazar Becker says:

    Brooklyn College & Queens College

  207. Doug Machovic says:

    As an Adjunct now in my 60’s this income and love of teaching is what I still have passion for. This salary is my salary plus Social Security. Please, this is very important

  208. Kandice Chuh says:

    Professor of English, CUNY Graduate Center

  209. Ammiel Alcalay says:

    Queens College, The Graduate Center

  210. Mary Catherine Kinniburgh says:

    CUNY Graduate Center

  211. Jessie Daniels, Graduate Center, CUNY

  212. Rebecca Baker says:

    Rebecca Baker, Graduate Center, CUNY

  213. Ana González says:

    The Graduate Center,CUNY.

  214. Stephanie Vella says:

    Stephanie Vella, Graduate Center, CUNY

  215. Ashley Dawson says:

    Ashley Dawson, Graduate Center/CUNY

  216. Krystyna Michael says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  217. Lauren Bailey says:

    PhD Student, CUNY Graduate Center

  218. Mohamed Ben Zid, JJAY college, CUNY

  219. Jesse Schwartz says:

    Jesse W. Schwartz, Assistant Professor of English, LaGuardia Community College

  220. Jen DeGregorio says:

    Jen DeGregorio, English Department, Hunter College

  221. Ashley Morgan says:

    John Jay College, The Graduate Center

  222. Thomas Hauner says:

    Graduate Center and Brooklyn College

  223. Jue Wang says:

    City Tech

  224. Jue Wang says:


  225. Ian says:

    Ian Haberman: Hunter College, Graduate Center, Queens College

  226. Karen Lepri, CUNY Graduate Center says:


  227. Steve McFarland says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  228. Gowun Park says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  229. Orkideh Gharehgozli says:

    I support 5K minimum salary request.

  230. Alev Yildirim says:

    Hunter College, Graduate Center, Queens College

  231. Alev Yildirim says:

    Hunter College and Graduate Center

  232. Orkideh Gharehgozli says:

    Graduate Center

  233. George Kimissis says:

    Georgios Koimisis, CUNY Graduate Center/Brooklyn College

  234. Meredith Benjamin says:

    The Graduate Center and Baruch College, CUNY

  235. karl kronebusch says:

    Karl Kronebusch, Baruch College

  236. Adrian Izquierdo, says:

    Graduate Center PhD Candidate Comp Lit

  237. Naomi Braine, Sociology Dept, Brooklyn College says:

    5K for a 3 credit course is a bare minimum, and still too low. in Spring 2008, i taught Soc of Gender as an adjunct at Barnard College and was paid 6K. i had 45 students in the class so I was given a TA who did all the grading for me – and she made 3K. lets get real about valuing teaching and students!

  238. Robert Hill says:

    Murphy Institute for Worker Education, M.A. Labor Studies 2010.

  239. Henry Lesnick, Hostos, CUNY: I support the call for $5k per course bottom-line contract demand.

  240. Joao Nemi Neto says:

    Joao Nemi Neto, PhD candidate
    Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Langauges
    Graduate Center

  241. Frank Chirico says:

    Add my name, please.

  242. Jenny LeRoy says:

    CUNY Graduate Center

  243. Maria Stracke says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  244. Svetlana Jovic says:

    Svetlana Jovic, Graduate Center, CUNY

  245. Chi-hui Yang says:

    Chi-hui Yang, Hunter College, CUNY

  246. Courtney Chatellier says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  247. Emily Campbell says:

    Emily Campbell, CUNY Graduate Center, Lehman College

  248. Mia Chen says:

    CUNY Graduate Center

  249. Sue Barker says:

    Sue Barker, Graduate Center, CUNY

  250. Marissa Brostoff says:

    Marissa Brostoff, CUNY Graduate Center

  251. Gabrielle Kappes says:

    Gabrielle Kappes, Graduate Center, CUNY

  252. Bronx Community College

  253. Nazreen S. Bacchus says:

    Queens College, CUNY

  254. Anna Schwartz says:

    Graduate Center, Human Development
    College of Staten Island, Psychology

  255. Jacqueline Herranz Brooks says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY
    York College, CUNY

  256. Cherry Lou Sy says:


  257. Arthur Cohen says:

    In my opinion, this demand is entirely reasonable and the correct thing to do. Please add my name to the list of people endorsing this proposal. I have taught at Queens College since 1969 in adjunct and full-time positions. I know the financial hardships that come from earning a living as an adjunct teacher. It is appalling, demoralizing and just doesn’t work. I think that a $5000 minimum per course is easily justifiable.

  258. Henry Sirotin says:

    Geography, Hunter

  259. The low pay of adjunct faculty makes it impossible for adjuncts to create a living wage in New York City and It also directly affects the workload of full time faculty and the services available to students. Low wages allows the University to increase the number of adjuncts and lower the number of full timers, thereby increasing the workload of faculty who now have more committee work, less time for research, curriculum development and working with students. Higher wages would allow adjuncts to spend more time with students. Parity, is however the only way to eliminate the lowering of University standards that grows out of the use of low wage workers. Academic excellence is what the University must strive for and hence should never be in the business of exploiting laborers or shortchanging students.

  260. Joseph Brisendine says:

    Joseph Brisendine, Graduate Center PhD candidate, Biochemistry

  261. Sandra Stern says:

    This issue needs to be addressed.

  262. Harini Anandhi Senthilkumar says:

    Harini Anandhi Senthilkumar,Lehman College

  263. Zohra Saed says:

    Hunter College & Baruch College

  264. Magdalena Sagardia says:

    Hunter College The City University of New York

  265. Monica Barra, The Graduate Center and Hunter College, CUNY

  266. Brian Smollett says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  267. Michael says:

    Brooklyn College

  268. Francisco de Borja Dorsch says:

    Graduate Center, Lehman College and CCNY

  269. Tim Cavale says:

    No pay parity
    No right to unemployment insurance
    No meaningful health insurance AND NO ABILITY to retire on the NYC employee health plan as all other NYC part time employees can
    No real job security (that one-year contract is basically useless)

    A lot of talk about fighting for adjuncts is just that, TALK.

    The major excuse before was Bloomberg. Now what is it? We backed the current mayor and have nothing to show for it.
    Either PSC administrators are not trying hard enough, if at all, or they are ineffective and need to be replaced.

  270. Kate Pok-Carabalona says:

    Hunter College

  271. Nicholas R. Marino says:

    Graduate Center/BMCC

  272. Mitchel Wu says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  273. Maria Biskup says:

    Maria Biskup, York College and Queens College, CUNY

  274. Jessica Miller says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  275. Juan Aguirre says:

    Juan R. Aguirre, Hostos Community College, CUNY

  276. Sociology, The Graduate Center and City College

  277. Igor Rodriguez says:

    Igor Rodriguez, Queens College and the Graduate Center

  278. Carla canales says:

    It’s about time!

  279. Angel Filsaime PhD says:

    This is what is needed. We teach thr majority of the courses for peanuts!

  280. Purba Debnath says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  281. Emily Williamson says:

    Graduate Center and Lehman College

  282. Laura Rita Visco says:

    Laura Rita Visco- Graduate Center & Hunter College

  283. Mary McGlynn says:

    We have amazing adjuncts! Let’s pay them more fairly as a first step towards a more ethical system.

  284. Justina Oliveira says:

    Justina Oliveira, Baruch College CUNY

  285. Noah L. Gelfand says:

    Noah L. Gelfand – Hunter College

  286. Catherine Kapphahn says:

    Lehman College, English Department

  287. Jeanne Theoharis says:

    Jeanne Theoharis, Brooklyn College, CUNY

  288. louise lord says:

    Please add my signature to the petition. I’ve been teaching at CUNY for over 30 years and still don’t even earn $5,000 for a 4-credit course.

  289. Laura says:

    Laura Sández, Graduate Center, CUNY.

  290. Pablo Garcia Gamez says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  291. Alison Park says:

    Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College, CUNY

  292. Jose Chavarry says:

    Jose R. Chavarry, Graduate Center

  293. Kristina Jacobs says:

    CUNY Graduate Center and City College

  294. Grace M. Cho says:

    College of Staten Island, CUNY

  295. Luis Henao says:

    CUNY Graduate Center, Lehman College

  296. Laura Victoir, Hunter College CUNY

  297. George Rosa says:

    Hostos Community College

  298. Kristopher Burrell says:

    Kristopher Burrell, Hostos Community College

  299. Chandra balkaran says:

    Adjuncts put in a lot more than hours

  300. Morgan Horowitz says:

    Morgan Horowitz, Hunter College (philosophy), CUNY

  301. Hunter College, Graduate Teaching Fellow
    Graduate Center, PhD Candidate, Psychology, Human Development

  302. Jane Hauptman says:

    Graduate Center, Queens College

  303. The last time I was on the adjunct payroll was spring 2013. Prior to that my adjunct experience went back to 1987. I have taught at Hunter, Brooklyn, York, Queens, and The Graduate Center (language reading program). I do not plan to teach under the current system, but I might reconsider if we were getting $5000/course. Would that rate be a minimum? Since I have a PhD, I get paid as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at a fairly high hourly rate. Do we know what the complete pay scale would be under this proposal?

  304. Marian Stewart Titus Bronx Community College says:

    Please add my name

  305. Peter Aigner says:

    PhD. History.

  306. Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land says:

    PhD program in Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center, past adjunct at Brooklyn College and John Jay College

  307. Renate Bridenthal says:

    The exploitation of adjuncts must stop!

  308. Kristopher Burrell says:

    Adjuncts deserve better pay and benefits.

  309. Linta Varghese says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  310. Gabriel Paez says:

    Graduate Center and John Jay College, CUNY

  311. Tiwi D. Marira says:

    CUNY Baruch & The Graduate Center

  312. Julie Hollar says:

    CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College

  313. Johanna Fernandez says:

    Johanna Fernandez, Baruch College, CUNY

  314. Megan Welsh says:

    Graduate Center & John Jay College

  315. Nicole N. Hanson says:

    John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

  316. Caroline Hong says:

    Caroline Hong, Queens College, CUNY

  317. Sarah Schulman says:

    College of Staten Island, CUNY

  318. Barbara Katz Rothman says:

    Baruch College and the Graduate Center

  319. Hollis Kegg says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  320. Michael Denunzio says:

    Baruch College, The Graduate Center, CUNY

  321. Shawna Leigh says:

    Hunter College

  322. Salman Hussain says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  323. Sigmund Shen says:

    LaGuardia Community College / CUNY

  324. Bruno Gulli says:

    Kingsborough Community College

  325. Lily Ann M. Divino, LCSW, MPH says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  326. Paisley Currah says:

    Brooklyn College

  327. Bruno Gulli says:

    What is needed is to take steps that concretely improve the situation of the majority of the instructional staff suffering the effects of the two-tier labor system. The Professional Staff Congress has formally endorsed the national campaign calling for a minimum starting salary of $5000 per three-credit semester course. We hereby call on the PSC leadership to make a formal commitment that the $5K demand will be a bottom-line demand in the current contract negotiations. Any proposed contract that does not include this should be rejected out of hand.

  328. Nino Gulli says:

    Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

  329. Isabel Rodriguez says:

    Isabel Rodriguez, Brooklyn College, CUNY

  330. Helen Leshinsky says:

    Hunter College, School of Education, CUNY

  331. Alan Sumler says:

    Alan Sumler, Graduate Center, CUNY

  332. Rachel Schiff says:

    Rachel Schiff, Ph.D. candidate, Sociology

  333. Julie Viollaz says:

    Julie Viollaz, CUNY Graduate Center

  334. Rifat Salam says:


  335. Dan Bacalzo says:

    Dan Bacalzo, Hunter College, CUNY

  336. Jay Arena says:

    Jay Arena, College of Staten Island

  337. Ayman Naquvi says:

    LaGuardia Community College

  338. Lee Romer Kaplan says:

    As a former adjunct lecturer at BMCC, I know the extreme hardship imposed on adjuncts at CUNY by the low per class salary. Let’s ensure that CUNY adjunct faculty earn enough to survive. They’re already giving their all to educate and mentor students, and deserve to earn a living wage.

  339. Ruth Wangerin says:

    Please add my name to this petition, though I think $5K is not equity and our goal, both immediate and ultimate, should be equity.

  340. Erin Heiser says:

    Graduate Center, PhD Candidate, English. Have been an adjunct at Lehman College, Baruch College, Brooklyn College, and Kingsborough College.

  341. Stephanie Lee says:

    College of Staten Island

  342. Annelisa Pedersen says:

    Graduate Center & City College, CUNY

  343. John Andrews says:

    John Andrews, Hunter College

  344. Jill Gandel says:

    Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College

  345. Michelle Billies says:

    Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

  346. Zoe Meleo-Erwin says:

    Graduate Center, PhD, Hunter College VAP

  347. Deborah Gambs says:

    Deborah Gambs, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

  348. Zetta Elliott says:


  349. Kristine Erskine says:

    CUNY Graduate Centre

  350. Laurel Mei Turbin says:

    PhD candidate in Earth and Environmental Sciences (Geography)

    CUNY should be a model for the public universities across the nation in providing fair compensation for adjunct labor.

  351. Mircea Comanescu says:

    John Jay College, CUNY

  352. Marie Springer says:

    CUNY PhD student
    John Jay college of Criminal Justice

  353. Robin McGinty says:

    Robin McGinty, Graduate Center, CUNY

  354. David Topel says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY
    John Jay College, CUNY

  355. Barbara Emanuele says:

    We can not do our best by our students if we are forced to run here and there to teach, just to make ends meet. If we choose to, we should be able to teach three classes in one place, and be able to do service to that department and college.

  356. Laura E. Litvinoff says:

    Criminal Justice Doctoral Student, John Jay College

  357. Brooke Greene says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  358. Alana Henninger says:

    Graduate Center and John Jay College, CUNY

  359. Nidhi Parashar says:

    Graduate Center and City College, CUNY

  360. Hadar Schwartz says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  361. Huw Green says:

    Graduate Center and City College PhD Candidate. Clinical Psychology.

  362. Devon Harrison says:

    Graduate Center & City College, CUNY

  363. Maura McGee says:

    Graduate Center, CUNY

  364. Mike Palumbo says:

    Mike Palumbo, Graduate Center, CUNY

  365. Malika Bhowmik says:

    Malika Bhowmik, Graduate Center, CUNY

  366. Jessica Gorkin says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  367. Mary E Heavner says:

    Brooklyn College, CUNY

  368. Rachel McKinney says:

    Rachel McKinney, CUNY Graduate Center

  369. Einat Manoff says:

    Einat Manoff, Graduate Center, CUNY

  370. Erin Siodmak says:

    Erin Siodmak, Hunter College CUNY

  371. Rangi McNeil says:


  372. Kate griffiths-Dingani says:

    Please add my name

  373. Rose M. Kim says:

    Rose M. Kim, Ph.D., BMCC/CUNY

  374. Adam Cohen says:

    Hunter College, CUNY

  375. Nancy Agabian says:

    Nancy Agabian, Queens College

  376. Angelo R. Dicuonzo says:

    Angelo R. Dicuonzo, Baruch College/CUNY

  377. Erja Gee says:

    Erja Gee, Graduate Center, Hunter College, and Lehman College

  378. Matt Brim says:

    College of Staten Island, CUNY

  379. Gabriela Arias De la Rosa says:

    Gabriela Arias De la Rosa, York College and the Graduate Center, CUNY

  380. Laura Kane says:

    Hunter College, The Graduate Center

  381. Charles Leerhsen says:

    CUNY Graduate School of Journslism

  382. Danica Savonick says:

    Danica Savonick, Graduate Center, CUNY

  383. Elizabeth Adams says:

    Graduate Center PhD Candidate, Music

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