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Petition to Eliminate the 9-6 Rule

**To sign this call, leave a comment (click on “comments,” then scroll all the way down) with your name and CUNY affiliation(s). Thanks!**

“Under the contract, adjuncts may teach 9 hours at one college regardless of the number of courses and one course, not to exceed 6 hours, at a second college.”

This is the 9-6 Rule as stated in the Adjunct Rights and Benefits brochure under the heading Workload. The rule is articulated as well in longer form in article 15.2 of the 2007-2010 contract between CUNY and the PSC. The purpose of this petition is to bring about the elimination of the 9-6 rule, or more specifically to induce the leadership of the PSC to exclude it from the agreement they are in the process of making with the City University of New York. The rationale given by the PSC for the 9-6 rule is that it counteracts exploitation. We will show how the arguments given in support of this rationale are insupportable.

  1. Exploitation and Parity:

One of the arguments in support of the 9-6 rule is that adjunct faculty are being exploited, that no one should work full time for part-time wages and that adjuncts are entitled to greater parity with full timers. This is a valid assertion, but the fact remains that the 9-6 rule has done nothing to increase the pay of part timers. Rather than promoting parity, the 9-6 rule has only succeeded in diminishing it by limiting employment opportunities for those who are in the greatest need of them. To make matters worse, starting next fall certain 3 credit courses at certain campuses will become 4 credit courses. This means that anyone teaching a 4 credit course will be able to teach a maximum of two courses – either two 4 credit courses or one 4 credit course and one 3 credit course at one campus. The resulting loss of hours and pay for those who are accustomed to teaching three courses at one campus will be significant and unavoidable unless the 9-6 rule is abolished.

  1. Reducing the Numbers:

It is further argued that CUNY’s intention is to save money by hiring as many part-timers as possible. Hire more, pay less. Rather than limiting the number of adjunct faculty, the 9-6 rule has only compelled the schools to hire more of them. When new courses open up just prior to the beginning of the semester, new adjuncts are hired because the ones already under the schools’ employ are already working the maximum number of hours set by the 9-6 rule.

  1. Cancellation Backup:

It has also been argued that compelling adjuncts to seek employment at a second school is beneficial since it provides backup in the event that cancellations occur at the other. This argument is insupportable for two reasons. Firstly, balancing jobs at two or more campuses is a hardship involving extra travel time and cost as well as the inconvenience of dealing with conflicts involved in scheduling classes. Secondly, the elimination of the 9-6 rule would in no way prevent part-timers from seeking employment at more than one campus if they want. On the contrary, they would be able to teach more courses at different campuses than they are currently allowed to and as such would be in an even better position to deal with the advent of cancellations.

*                                             *                                           *

It is now time for the PSC leadership to acknowledge that the 9-6 rule undermines the wellbeing of the very people it is intended to protect. It is with this consideration in mind that we invite our fellow union members to sign and circulate this petition calling upon our representatives in the PSC to propose, in their current negotiations with CUNY management, that the 9-6 rule be eliminated, and/or that the Executive Council of the PSC grant a general waiver in perpetuity allowing adjuncts to teach over and above the current hours limitations.

To sign this call, leave a comment (click on “comments,” then scroll all the way down) with your name and CUNY affiliation(s). Thanks!

Signed by:

Andrew Gottlieb, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jennifer Chancellor, The Graduate Center

G. McNamara, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Geoff Klock, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Joyce Harte, Borough of Manhattan Community College

April Andres, Borough of Manhattan Community College

John Short, Borough of Manhattan Community College

L. Rivera, Borough of Manhattan Community College

John D’Antonio, Bronx Community College

Marian Stewart Titus, Bronx Community College

Marshall Siegel, Bronx Community College

George Sorrentini, Bronx Community College

Mark Frangos, Bronx Community College

Jim Cyborowski, Bronx Community College

Elizabeth Olana, Bronx Community College

Sophia Cantave, Bronx Community College

Steve Bookman, Bronx Community College

Catherine Perry, Bronx Community College, Lehman College

Howard Pflanzer, Bronx Community College

Eugene Bletay, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Deborah L. Sinor, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Adrienne Urbanki, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Lenny Tellin, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Kate Garrison, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Rossa Santes, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jacqueline Gill, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Victoria Berku, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jason Angell, Bronx Community College

Laurence O’Connell, Bronx Community College

J. Finkelstein, Bronx Community College

Elizabeth Albrecht, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Mark Donnelly, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Emelyn Tapaoan, Hostos and Borough of Manhattan Community Colleges

Ana M. Lopez, Hostos Community College

Michelle Cheikin, Hostos Community College

Rocio Rayo, Hostos Community College

Barry Hartglass, Hostos Community College

Amulya Mohan, Hostos Community College

Luis Pelicot, Hostos Community College

Rafael Balbuena, Hostos Community College

Faina Riftina, Hostos Community College

Reginald Dorcely, Hostos Community College

Nicholas West, Hostos Community College

Ruben Worrell, Hostos Community College

Robin Soto, Hostos Community College

E. Andreu, Hostos Community College

Theodor Maghrak, Hostos Community College

Ray Healey, Hostos Community College

Juan A. Lopez, Jr., Borough of Manhattan Community College

Pamela Edstrom, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Aaron Weinstein, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Halyna Lemekh, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Kidaya Ntoko, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Rahmat Tavakol, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Erica White, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Hirosuke Hyodo, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Tracy Tully, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Tonya Kerry, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Thomas Smith, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Chris Agee, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Rebecca Smart, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Robert Caputi, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Herbert Fischer, Borough of Manhattan Community College

 [Additional signatories are listed in the comments to this post. Click the link, then scroll down to the comment box.]

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