Petition to Eliminate the 9-6 Rule

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“Under the contract, adjuncts may teach 9 hours at one college regardless of the number of courses and one course, not to exceed 6 hours, at a second college.”

This is the 9-6 Rule as stated in the Adjunct Rights and Benefits brochure under the heading Workload. The rule is articulated as well in longer form in article 15.2 of the 2007-2010 contract between CUNY and the PSC. The purpose of this petition is to bring about the elimination of the 9-6 rule, or more specifically to induce the leadership of the PSC to exclude it from the agreement they are in the process of making with the City University of New York. The rationale given by the PSC for the 9-6 rule is that it counteracts exploitation. We will show how the arguments given in support of this rationale are insupportable.

  1. Exploitation and Parity:

One of the arguments in support of the 9-6 rule is that adjunct faculty are being exploited, that no one should work full time for part-time wages and that adjuncts are entitled to greater parity with full timers. This is a valid assertion, but the fact remains that the 9-6 rule has done nothing to increase the pay of part timers. Rather than promoting parity, the 9-6 rule has only succeeded in diminishing it by limiting employment opportunities for those who are in the greatest need of them. To make matters worse, starting next fall certain 3 credit courses at certain campuses will become 4 credit courses. This means that anyone teaching a 4 credit course will be able to teach a maximum of two courses – either two 4 credit courses or one 4 credit course and one 3 credit course at one campus. The resulting loss of hours and pay for those who are accustomed to teaching three courses at one campus will be significant and unavoidable unless the 9-6 rule is abolished.

  1. Reducing the Numbers:

It is further argued that CUNY’s intention is to save money by hiring as many part-timers as possible. Hire more, pay less. Rather than limiting the number of adjunct faculty, the 9-6 rule has only compelled the schools to hire more of them. When new courses open up just prior to the beginning of the semester, new adjuncts are hired because the ones already under the schools’ employ are already working the maximum number of hours set by the 9-6 rule.

  1. Cancellation Backup:

It has also been argued that compelling adjuncts to seek employment at a second school is beneficial since it provides backup in the event that cancellations occur at the other. This argument is insupportable for two reasons. Firstly, balancing jobs at two or more campuses is a hardship involving extra travel time and cost as well as the inconvenience of dealing with conflicts involved in scheduling classes. Secondly, the elimination of the 9-6 rule would in no way prevent part-timers from seeking employment at more than one campus if they want. On the contrary, they would be able to teach more courses at different campuses than they are currently allowed to and as such would be in an even better position to deal with the advent of cancellations.

*                                             *                                           *

It is now time for the PSC leadership to acknowledge that the 9-6 rule undermines the wellbeing of the very people it is intended to protect. It is with this consideration in mind that we invite our fellow union members to sign and circulate this petition calling upon our representatives in the PSC to propose, in their current negotiations with CUNY management, that the 9-6 rule be eliminated, and/or that the Executive Council of the PSC grant a general waiver in perpetuity allowing adjuncts to teach over and above the current hours limitations.

To sign this call, leave a comment (click on “comments,” then scroll all the way down) with your name and CUNY affiliation(s). Thanks!

Signed by:

Andrew Gottlieb, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jennifer Chancellor, The Graduate Center

G. McNamara, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Geoff Klock, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Joyce Harte, Borough of Manhattan Community College

April Andres, Borough of Manhattan Community College

John Short, Borough of Manhattan Community College

L. Rivera, Borough of Manhattan Community College

John D’Antonio, Bronx Community College

Marian Stewart Titus, Bronx Community College

Marshall Siegel, Bronx Community College

George Sorrentini, Bronx Community College

Mark Frangos, Bronx Community College

Jim Cyborowski, Bronx Community College

Elizabeth Olana, Bronx Community College

Sophia Cantave, Bronx Community College

Steve Bookman, Bronx Community College

Catherine Perry, Bronx Community College, Lehman College

Howard Pflanzer, Bronx Community College

Eugene Bletay, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Deborah L. Sinor, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Adrienne Urbanki, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Lenny Tellin, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Kate Garrison, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Rossa Santes, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jacqueline Gill, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Victoria Berku, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Jason Angell, Bronx Community College

Laurence O’Connell, Bronx Community College

J. Finkelstein, Bronx Community College

Elizabeth Albrecht, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Mark Donnelly, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Emelyn Tapaoan, Hostos and Borough of Manhattan Community Colleges

Ana M. Lopez, Hostos Community College

Michelle Cheikin, Hostos Community College

Rocio Rayo, Hostos Community College

Barry Hartglass, Hostos Community College

Amulya Mohan, Hostos Community College

Luis Pelicot, Hostos Community College

Rafael Balbuena, Hostos Community College

Faina Riftina, Hostos Community College

Reginald Dorcely, Hostos Community College

Nicholas West, Hostos Community College

Ruben Worrell, Hostos Community College

Robin Soto, Hostos Community College

E. Andreu, Hostos Community College

Theodor Maghrak, Hostos Community College

Ray Healey, Hostos Community College

Juan A. Lopez, Jr., Borough of Manhattan Community College

Pamela Edstrom, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Aaron Weinstein, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Halyna Lemekh, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Kidaya Ntoko, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Rahmat Tavakol, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Erica White, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Hirosuke Hyodo, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Tracy Tully, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Tonya Kerry, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Thomas Smith, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Chris Agee, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Rebecca Smart, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Robert Caputi, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Herbert Fischer, Borough of Manhattan Community College

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287 thoughts on “Petition to Eliminate the 9-6 Rule

  1. Michael Gotesman says:

    Please end the 9-6 rule

  2. Jason Schulman says:

    Please add my name. Jason Schulman, Lehman College.

  3. Please feel FREE to publish my email address.
    If adjuncts feel vulnerable it is most necessary to come out in the open and stand up, each in our own name.
    You can’t win it if you are not in it!

    I have long supported PROFESSIONAL PARITY in every aspect of CUNY service.
    Therefore I have also long OPPOSED Structured INEQUALITY in Course delivery at CUNY.

  4. Candido Hernandez says:

    I agree. Adjunct at BMCC.

  5. Anthony Paolillo says:


  6. Karen Klatzkin says:

    As an adjunct instructor at BMCC (and, formerly, at Queens, City, Hunter, and Kingsborough Community Colleges), I fully support the goal and reasoning of this petition.

  7. Daniel L. Ferguson says:

    I teach at Hunter College, and I concur with the petition.

  8. Carol A. Whyzmuzis, York College says:

    I agree!!

  9. Joan Thorne says:

    The adjunct 9-6 rule should be eliminated!

  10. Elin Waring says:

    This rule hurts our students and is not good for the adjuncts who teach for us. Instead of being a good thing, 4 hour classes mean that you end up with less than the maximum courses and so they are not seen as desirable. Too many great adjuncts are blocked from 4 hour classes because they can’t afford to go from 9 to 8.


  11. Dan Kabat says:

    This rule creates hardships for the very people it is supposed to benefit. It should be changed.

  12. Martica Heaner PhD, MA, MEd says:

    I call teaching as an adjunct my ‘academic charity work’ because it is essentially slave wages. After paying $150K for 3 graduate degrees at Columbia, I am rewarded with a pay rate lower in real-time per hour than a housekeeper makes. I have lost money from other work because I’ve had to prioritize my teaching work and I do take my job as a professor seriously. I do it because it’s interesting and I like to help student learn, but to justify doing it–and support myself on these slave wages in NYC–I must work 24/7 doing other things to compensate. This is not right. The students suffer too because in some instances there is no way to justify doing extra work in a class because it’s a matter of survival. Sadly. To start with, this 9-6 rule is def. not helping adjuncts it appears. But worse and what must be addressed are the horrific pay rates per class per semester. If ALL you had to do was give a 2 1/2 hour lecture once a week for a class–and not have to spend HOURS putting it together, nor hours making up tests and assignments and grading, nor hours dealing with student individual request, dealing with Blackboard and other multimedia formats, etc…if ALL you had to do was show up and talk and do nothing outside of the classroom hours once a week, the pay rate might be acceptable. But because this is NOT the reality, the pay rate is really not fairly compensating anyone and is only encouraging professors to spend as little time as they can afford on developing their courses.

  13. Janice Carrington says:

    I support the petition

  14. Emma Pearse says:

    Please…the smallest change will make the greatest difference. We love our work and it’s almost impossible to do it!

  15. Beth Sherman says:

    9-6 should go!
    Beth Sherman, adjunct lecturer, Queens College

  16. Steve McFarland says:

    Please add my name to the petition. Steve McFarland, Visiting Asst Professor, Queens College Dept of Urban Studies.

  17. Benjamin Bierman says:

    I have always felt (both as an adjunct and now tenured faculty) this is a poorly thought out rule and that our union sends a confused message with it. PSC acts as if it supports adjuncts being treated like full time employees but then won’t let them work full time. It’s a stance I find hypocritical. It’s a compolicated issue of course because we want people hired full time at a fair wage with benefits, but the rule as written is not effective and needs to be re-examined.

  18. Chika Jenkins says:

    Yes!!! We need to be able to pay our bills. There were times I worked as an adjunct during the day, and waited tables 6 nights a week. I want to be able to focus on teaching and helping our students!!!

  19. Chika Jenkins says:

    Yes!!! We need to be able to pay our bills!!! There were times I worked as an adjunct during the day, and waited tables 6 night a week!!!

  20. Daniel Beliavsky says:

    The City College of New York

  21. Leslie A Shaw says:

    Retiree, BMCC, QCC, BCC. The 9/6 rule had a negative effect on my salary and lowered the value of my pension. It’s absolutely outrageous that we are limited to the number of courses we can teach. Instead, CUNY will continue to hire adjuncts that teach one course at the entry level salary and those of us who’ve committed many years of teaching lose sections on a chairperson’s whim.

  22. Heather Laurel says:

    As an adjunct lecturer at CCNY, I strongly concur with this petition to end the 9-6 teaching load for CUNY adjunct faculty.

  23. Reagan Lothes says:

    John Jay College

  24. Amy Rosenberg says:

    I am an adjunct lecturer at John Jay College, and I support the petition to eliminate the 9-6 rule. It only makes an already compromised and tenuous employment situation even more unsupportable.

  25. Toy-Fung Tung says:

    John Jay College of Criminal Justice

  26. Alan Winson says:

    Give CUNY adjuncts the opportunity to pay their bills.

  27. Katherine Arnoldi says:

    John Jay

  28. Katherine Arnoldi says:

    John Jay College

  29. Diana Moser says:

    John Jay.

  30. Sandra Hurtes says:

    John Jay. I support this petition.

  31. Gray Campbell says:


  32. Emma Pearse says:

    John Jay and LaGuardia Community College

  33. margaret fiore says:

    I support eliminating the 9-6 rule and fighting harder for wage parity.

  34. Elida DeKlein says:


  35. Henry Sirotin says:


  36. Cybele Zufolo says:

    Borough of Manhattan Community College

  37. Gordon Whatley says:

    Convincing arguments against the 9-6 rule, by those who best can judge: the adjuncts themselves.

  38. Noe Dinnerstein says:

    John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Dept. of Art and Music

  39. Howard Pflanzer says:

    As an adjunct professor at Bronx Community College I feel the elimination of 9-6 is long overdue. This change should be included in the new contract.

  40. Colomba Varriano says:

    College of Staten Island

  41. Lawrence Jackson says:

    I concur .

  42. Miles Grier - Queens College says:

    Given the reasons listed above, I agree with the petition as well.

  43. Rosie Soy says:

    I agree.

  44. Jangho Park says:

    Agreed. The 9-6 rule makes life more difficult

  45. Marvela L. Guice says:

    I concure with the petition as an Adjunct Lecturer.

  46. Steven Rice says:


  47. Ronita Ghatak says:

    As an adjunct professor, I concur with the petition.

  48. Courtney Drayer says:

    CUNY Hunter

  49. Ashley Chastain says:

    Graduate Center, Hunter College

  50. Christina Ventura-DiPersia says:

    Graduate Center Doctoral student
    CUNY Adjunct Professor at Hunter College

  51. Julianne Kornacki says:

    Graduate Center, Hunter College

  52. Wayne Kennedy says:

    Wayne Kennedy

  53. Daniel Burwasser says:

    I concur

  54. David Palazzo says:

    15k a class

  55. Bradford Garvey says:

    Graduate Center and Hunter College

  56. Tamara Brown says:

    Queens College

  57. I support the petition to repeal the 9-6 rule

  58. yebio woldemariam says:

    It is about time that educators need be compensated

  59. Laura Huang says:

    If the quality of education is important to the future of NY State and NY City, the issue of working conditions of adjunct instructors in CUNY system should be brought to the attention of NYS Governor and NYC Mayer.

  60. Norman Lewis says:

    As a longtime Queens College adjunct, I agree that this rule should be repealed.

  61. Samuel Nicolosi says:

    Queens College

  62. Kelly Seufert says:

    9-6 is a dire economic hardship for me and adjuncts like me. Please repeal this limit.
    Queens College

  63. The old rule makes no pedagogical sense; all it does is make it very hard for adjuncts to support themselves. Is this how we reward hard-working and dedicated teachers? Repel the rule!

  64. Ronald Nerio says:

    Agreed. The 9-6 rule makes life more difficult.

  65. Tracey Lander-Garrett says:


  66. Paul Fraccalvieiri says:

    I agree wholeheartedly!

  67. Carrie Hintz says:

    I am supporting this petition because I have seen adjuncts suffer as a result of this rule. But also supporting the creation of new full time lines above all–and the development of more “adjunct conversion” lines like we have had in the past, where long-term adjuncts can apply for Lecturer positions.

  68. alex says:

    alexandra cvejic QC

  69. Caroline Hong says:

    Queens College

  70. Beverly Fenig says:

    Beverly Fenig

    Queens College,
    Queensborough Community College

  71. Evangelia Manatou says:

    I absolutely agree!!!!

  72. Elizabeth Decker says:


  73. Maria Alvarez says:

    If implemented this rule will affect thousands of adjuncts financially and puts their medical insurance at risk.
    This policy is a mechanism being used to keep THOUSANDS of city university adjuncts on a part-time status that continues to cripple our university.

  74. Alec Coiro says:


  75. Robin Hizme says:

    Queens College

  76. Arthur Shippee says:

    This rule is ludicrous and indefensible, intellectually embarrassing.

  77. Nancy Agabian says:

    Nancy Agabian/Queens College

  78. Sian Silyn Roberts says:

    Queens College, CUNY. The elimination of this rule is an important step in addressing the gross disparity between adjunct and full-time faculty.

  79. Alicia Andrzejewski says:

    Graduate Center, Queens College

  80. Nancy Mariano says:

    The Graduate Center and Adjunct Lecturer Hunter College

  81. I fully support this petition. Assistant Professor of Spanish, Department of World Languages and Literatures, College of Staten Island.

  82. Jose Burbano says:

    College of Staten Island

  83. Tim Marquart says:

    Timothy Marquart, Lehman College

  84. C. Geller says:

    CSI. Agree 100%

  85. C. Geller says:

    Absolutely agree with all points made.

  86. Sarah Pollack says:

    I support this petition fully. Assistant Professor of Spanish, Department of World Languages and Literatures.

  87. Gabriella Skwara says:

    Agreed! Adjunct at Queens College

  88. Antoinette Williams-Tutt says:

    Fully Support. Current Hunter College, former City College adjunct lecturer.

  89. Erja Gee says:

    Hunter College

  90. Astrid Roldán says:

    Graduate Center

  91. Ping Shi says:

    Totally agree!

    CUNY should consider the quality of their lecturers first.

  92. Pablo Guerra says:

    Hunter College. Adjuncts make CUNY breathe, please make the Adjuncts breathe as well. No more “sorry we forgot to pay you” bullshit.

  93. Mónica Agrest says:

    BMCC Brooklyn College

  94. Mónica Agres says:

    BMCC Eliminate de 9-6 rule once and for all!

  95. Mónica Agrest says:

    Eliminate the 9-6 rule once and for all!

  96. Sara Rychtarik says:

    GTF, City College

  97. Dana Loev Radu says:

    Former Brooklyn College and Hunter College adjunct lecturer. I completely agree with the petition.

  98. Norberto Hernandez says:

    Hostos CC

  99. I fully support this.
    Marie-Jasmine Narcisse, York College
    Former Hunter College, Baruch College, BMCC

  100. Tim Wilson says:

    Former adjunct at Hunter and CSI. Fully support.

  101. Allison Faris says:

    Queens College GTF, Baruch College Adjunct

  102. Rachel says:

    Queens College and Graduate Center! Support Adjuncts!!

  103. Elizabeth de Souza says:

    I am elated to know that other colleagues feel the same away as I do. I concur with the elimination of the 9-6 rule for adjuncts.

    Hostos Community College

  104. Kevin Johnson says:

    Hostos Community College

  105. Aaron says:

    Hostos CC

  106. Kevin Davis says:

    Borough of Manhattan Community College

  107. Gregory Munna says:

    BMCC. Agreed! We cannot continue under the old rules. The 9-6 rule has negatively impacted the entire academic community, on all sides, for far too long. It is untenable and must end NOW!

  108. Andrew Levy says:

    Agreed. Associate Prof., BMCC-CUNY

  109. Tiberio Snaidero says:

    Queens College.
    I concur with the petition.

  110. Queens College and Graduate Center, Full-time faculty.
    I support this petition. The ultimate goal should be hiring more full-time faculty (and from the ranks of highly qualified and dedicated adjunct faculty), but this is a good partial solution.

  111. I support this petition. Ultimately, the goal should be to hire more full-time faculty (from the highly qualified and dedicated ranks of CUNY adjunct faculty), but this is a reasonable halfway solution.

  112. april andres says:

    stop this now!!!!!!!!
    over summer had to go on welfare and food stamps
    do i have to do this over the spring and fall semesters as well?

  113. Eva Machauf says:

    YES. I strongly support this change! Give adjuncts a chance to make a living wage.

  114. Maz Nikoui says:

    100%!!!! I’m happy to see that adjuncts are finally fighting back!


  115. Beatriz Cordero says:

    As a struggling adjunct lecturer, I concur with the petition.

  116. Julie Cassidy says:


  117. Syreeta McFadden says:

    As an adjunct lecturer, I too, concur with the petition.

  118. Yves Cloarec says:

    Dear Prof. Elmi, Thank you for your words of support; it is so important that both the University and the Union see this is not just Adjuncts complaining about their lot in life, but that full-time, long-serving and emerita pedagogues see the merit and logic of our claim. Thank you!

  119. Francis Elmi says:

    I fully support the petition. It is important that adjunct faculty be treated equitably. Arbitrary maltreatment of adjunct faculty illustrates the hierarchical, unfair system in this country wherein the few are given privileges and material wealth in contrast to the many who are not deemed worthy and who become demoralized as a result. Consider the many contributions of adjunct faculty who deserve better. I fully support the petition and I believe they should be receiving a full-time salary as a result of allowing them to have more hours of teaching and more office hours. They should have all the benefits given to full-time faculty because they deserve them. Francis Elmi, Professor Emeritus

  120. Paul Grossman says:

    30 years teaching for CUNY and getting poorer every year.

  121. Hannah Custis says:

    I agree that the 9-6 rule should be eliminated.
    Hannah Custis
    Adjunct Faculty

  122. I sign up to eliminate the 9-6 rule .

  123. Cecilia Muhlstein says:


  124. I work at City Tech and BMCC (even less than 9-6 hours because of low registrations lately).
    If not my husband, with whom together we pay the rent and all life expenses, working these hours,I would live on the street. But we still barely make ends meet. It would really help to work more hours

  125. Thanks so much for speaking up, Gerry!

  126. Gerry Milligan says:

    I am the Chair of the World Languages and Literatures Department at the College of Staten Island. The 9-6 policy is misguided. It has caused great financial hardship to the part-time instructional staff, and it has had a negative effect on students. In our Department, we are often required to hire inexperienced and even unqualified adjunct instructors instead of rewarding experienced and talented teachers. I beg the union to change this policy. We have asked the PSC to change this policy for years, but Bowen is the obstacle. Either she changes the rule or we vote her out!

  127. Ruben Worrell says:

    I agree that the 9-6 rule should be eliminated.

  128. Victor Murillo says:

    BMCC and Brooklyn College. I work at both, and would work at more, if not for the 9-6 rule that hasn’t supported us at all!
    Down with the 9-6 now !!!
    Let’s unite….

  129. Jane Marcus-Delgado says:

    As a College of Staten Island full timer, I support this petition. But I also support the creation of more full-time jobs, so that no professor has to teach an unbearable number of courses just to survive!

  130. Annalisa Susca says:

    As an adjunct lecture for CUNY, I concur with this petition. College of Staten Island

  131. Oxana Alvarez says:

    !00 % agree

  132. Oxana Alvarez says:

    The City College
    I concur with this petition

  133. mara salvati says:

    I agree! Finally, I hope that we all realize that we cannot live on 3 courses. Let us work!

  134. Jacqueline Herranz Brooks says:

    Down with the 9-6 rule!!!!

  135. Jacqueline Herranz Brooks says:

    Down with the 9-6 rule!!!!!

  136. Wickliffe Richards says:

    I am an adjunct lecturer at the HCC, and BCC and I support the elimination of the 9-6 rule.

  137. Dr. Peter L. Bastos says:

    I support the elimination of the 9-6 Rule

  138. Shirley Frank says:

    The 9/6 rule is harmful to adjuncts, the group it is supposed to “protect.” It reminds me of rules unions used to have to “protect” women from having to lift heavy loads or work at night (for the higher-paying jobs). In this case, we are “protected” from teaching 2 courses at each of 2 CUNY colleges, causing us to lose income (often having to find it at a third college outside of CUNY). I had to turn down offered courses, losing the office hour at one school or the other, and when the infamous 100 conversion lines were doled out, I couldn’t even apply at one school where I had had to turn down the offer of a second course too many times to meet the “criteria.”

  139. Anthony Paratore says:

    Anthony Paratore, Adjunct at LAGCC and BMCC – revoke the 9-6 rule!

  140. Devin Buckley says:


  141. BMCC and LaGCC. I work at both, and would work at more, if not for the 9-6 rule that hasn’t supported us at all!

  142. Yes, agreed! I work at two CUNY schools, and have had opportunities to work at more, if not for the rule that hasn’t helped us at all.

  143. Elizabeth Berlinger says:

    I support this petition — BMCC

  144. Peter Agcaian says:


  145. janice mahinka, CUNY Graduate Center and Borough of Manhattan Community College

  146. John Halpin says:


  147. Susan Neri-Friedwald says:

    Absolutely! This rule completely ruins the lives of adjuncts, who are forced to work at many colleges in order to get enough hours a week to survive, and also diminishes the quality of what an adjunct teacher can give to their students because they’re stretched so thin, and always worried financially. The constant time running from one job to another could be used to work more closely with students and faculty. This is exploitation of the work force – pure and simple. It’s time to eliminate this and give adjuncts a fair work environment with fair pay for the work they do.

  148. Igor Shiltsov says:

    I fully agree with the decision to eliminate the 9-6 rule. The rule is outdated and harmful to those of us trying to juggle multiple jobs and the pressures and demands of teaching.

  149. Michael Seitz says:

    The 9/6 policy has been a failure, and it has caused much harm. Rather than compelling CUNY to fill more full-times lines, it has resulted in evermore adjuncts being hired at emiseration wages.

  150. Arthur Cain says:

    This is my opinion, and I share it.

    Borough of Manhattan Community College

  151. Leo Schmitt says:

    Agree. GC (student) BMCC (adjunct)

  152. Maria Teresa Velez says:

    I agree with the petition

  153. Maria Teresa Velez says:

    I agree with the petition.

  154. Lisa Stathas says:

    My comments were not posted – unsure why – I AGREE this arbitrary rule SHOULD BE ELIMINATED. The way it is now adjuncts do NOT get paid on a second campus for the one-hour a week office hour despite time spent with students on EACH campus. In addition we are KEPT ECONOMICALLY LIMITED by this arbitrary, absurd rule. GET RID OF THE 9 and 6 rule NOW!!!
    Lisa Stathas

  155. Lisa Stathas says:

    This arbitrary limitation on adjuncts successfully ensures that adjuncts will NOT get paid the one-hour office hour paid only to those who teach 2 or more classes on one campus. By maintaining this RIDICULOUS rule of 1 and 3 (or what is referred to here as “9 and 6” rule ensures that adjuncts who wish to do their job properly do NOT get paid on a second campus where they STILL HOLD OFFICE HOURS. This is the PSC’s doing NOT CUNY so there is NO reason to continue this. Adjuncts should be allowed to teach as many classes on as many campuses as they wish to as the current policies ENSURE ADJUNCTS SUFFER ECONOMIC HARDSHIPS and REMAIN UNDERPAID and have to scramble to make ends meet. PLEASE CHANGE THIS going forward to REMOVE this absurd limitation on hardworking adjuncts. I teach at BMCC and JJ but am paid only ONE hour per week at John Jay, despite my spending HOURS weekly with students at BMCC, despite NOT getting paid for that.

  156. Adam Kent says:

    As a music teachers in the CUNY system, we experience the worst possible application of adjunct workload policies. On the one hand, we who provide private instrumental or voice instruction to our music performance majors are susceptible to the enrollment and teacher requests of each individual student. Recruiting suitable students is frequently considered a part of our jobs (albeit unpaid). However, should we attract more students than allowable under the 9-6 rule, we are obliged to turn away work. It seems to me that the colleges should be required to offer full-time status to music teachers who are actively recruiting students beyond the current adjunct workload limits.

  157. Sarah Wessler says:


  158. Sarah Wessler says:


  159. michele says:

    Michele Fine

  160. michele says:

    More full time lines for those who qualify and want them.

  161. Casandra Muray says:

    Hunter College – As the colleges modernize, adjunct policies remain outdated. Let’s make this common sense change in hour regulations and finally act with dignity toward the adjuncts who make up the majority of faculty at CUNY.

  162. Michael Kalson says:

    I agree. The rule makes no sense.

  163. Emelyn Tapaoan says:

    The 9/6 Rule must be eliminated.

  164. Emelyn Tapaoan says:

    I concur with the petition (BMCC and HCC)

  165. Khristina Narizhnaya says:

    I completely agree. The 9-6 rule is not fair to adjunct faculty!

  166. Ted Fernandez says:


  167. Mary Elizabeth says:


  168. Alexandra C says:

    As an underemployed adjunct at Queens College. I agree with this position; it is bad for everyone. It is very stressful for instructors every semester to not know if their classes will fill and if they might lose benefits and not make enough money to live on. And it is not so easy to get positions in other colleges, nor should one have to hustle to make ends meet. The colleges should want to keep instructors in one school so that they can ensure that the students are getting instructors at their best, and it will save them money by not always having to hire new instructors. I fail to see the rationale behind this rule.

  169. Daniel Nieves says:

    City College

  170. Agata Szczodrak says:

    I concur with the petition. Hunter College

  171. Alexis says:

    I agree completely with the above petition.

  172. massara says:

    as one of the summer food stamp survivor…

  173. Chithra KarunaKaran says:

    The PSC has been on the wrong side of history for some time now, for failing to pursue the ethical and pragmatically realizable goal of FULL Professional Parity for ALL faculty in every aspect of the lives of faculty at CUNY.
    We need to be able to teach the same number of courses for the same pay,
    We need to be able to apply for the same level of grants,
    We need to have to same opportunities for college service for ALL faculty.

    The 9-6 rule reinforces a structurally unequal 2-tier faculty system, like separate water taps and the back seat on the bus in an another momentous era…

    Signing the petition.

    Chithra Karunakaran Ed.D.
    Social Sciences
    BMCC/Inwood campus

  174. Allison Gorr says:

    BCC and Hostos

  175. Get rid of it. Parity! And Stop calling your main workforce with greater collective experience, “Junior Faculty” unless we can call you crusty old faculty.

  176. Marie Warmbold says:

    I’m at Hunter College, Adjunct Assistant Professor. It’s about time this rule was changed; it is so old and CUNY is using more adjuncts than ever.

  177. Diane Menna says:

    As someone who has been an adjunct for over 30 years and an adjunct organizer and representative for over 10 years, and as I have been saying both publicly and privately to anyone who will listen, I believe the 9-6 rule is illogical and ineffective. Because the rule requires an adjunct to teach at two schools to reach the maximum workload of 15 credits, all it does is place an additional burden on adjuncts(for reasoned mentioned in the petition above). It does not make an adjunct with a 15-credit workload any less “full-time” or any less exploited or any less threatening to full-time positions. I do however believe that a workload restriction is necessary to prevent exploitation of both full- and part-time instructors. But, whatever the maximum number negotiated, to be logical, effective, and equitable, it should be allow across CUNY (as is the workload for full-timers).

  178. Arlene Geiger says:

    When I served as adjunct liaison at John Jay College and went around soliciting from adjuncts what their concerns/issues were that they wanted addressed, the most commonly stated on in several departments was to lift the restriction on the number of courses they could teach at one college so they did not have to travel to another campus to teach additional courses which they needed to make ends meet. True if we doubled our salaries, these extra courses would not be necessary to teach, however since our salaries are not doubling this rule has just made adjuncts lives worse. The union should not be insisting on it. The union should bargain away this limit in exchange for extra salary increases for adjunct faculty. We need real relief, not a few percentage increase.

  179. Sheila Maldonado says:


  180. Sheila Maldonado says:


  181. Jennifer Leamy says:

    The 9-6 rule must be eliminated. Adjuncts have lived with this hardship for too long.


  182. Michael Friedman says:

    agree. QC.

  183. Michael Friedman says:


  184. Lydia Gardner says:

    I agree–BMCC

  185. Kelly Swartz says:

    I agree
    Graduate Center

  186. Laura Piscitello says:

    I agree. Hunter College.

  187. M.G. Harris says:

    Agree. BMCC.

  188. Andrew Bossie says:

    Queens College

  189. Yves Cloarec says:

    Queens College. I have been wondering about the 9-6 ever since I began as an adjunct in 2012. Back then I assumed that the University liked it because it prevented them from having to pay adjuncts the health care insurance. I never quite understood how the PSC thought this could in any way bring parity.
    Now that the university pays for adjunct health care anyway, it would make more economic sense (especially for them) to utilize fully those people for whom they are already shouldering the additional expense.
    As for not being exploited, how is the current situation (where adjuncts must teach at an additional 2 or 3 non-CUNY campuses to earn a living wage) not the epitome of exploitation?
    Adjuncts and the departments that hire them, not CUNY and not the well-intentioned but in this case misdirected PSC, should be free to decide how much of a workload they can handle.

  190. Katherine Shloznikova says:


  191. Abbie Tuller says:

    John Jay

  192. Luke Elliott-Negri says:

    The Graduate Center

  193. Melissa Dennihy says:


  194. Morton Fuhr says:

    BMCC. I agree; eliminate 9/6 rule.

  195. Tristan Husby says:

    As an adjunct lecturer at Queens College and City College of NY, I agree with the petition.

  196. Thank you for being a voice for us! I gladly sign the petition. Graduate Center.

  197. Anna Andrade says:

    Borough of Manhattan Community College

  198. Maria Stracke says:


  199. CalvinJohn Smiley says:

    I fully support this.

  200. Elizabeth Whitley says:


  201. Elizabeth Whitley says:

    I fully support this!

  202. Colin P. Ashley says:

    Graduate Center. Signed!

  203. K. Vanessa Baish says:

    I agree. Adjunct at Hunter College and BMCC.

  204. Thea Callender says:

    I firmly agree. Travel can be an expensive hardship, and class schedules that do not conflict can be difficult to arrange.

  205. Wilson Sherwin says:

    Thanks for your commitment and work on this important issue!

  206. Jaime Shearn Coan says:

    I support this petition.

    Graduate Center (Student), Hunter College (GTF), City College (Adjunct)

  207. Eric Mazelis says:

    Lehman College

  208. Sue Horowitz says:

    I support this petition. Travel time is unpaid and often presents a hardship to adjuncts.

  209. Sandra Hurtes says:

    As an adjunct at John Jay and BMCC, I agree.

  210. Jane Clark says:

    Without this change, adjuncts in the BMCC English Department will stand to lose between 10 to 30% of their income in the fall 2015 semester.

  211. Elizabeth Weybright says:

    GTF at CCNY

  212. Linda Lerner says:

    As an adjunct I agree with the above petition.

  213. Cathleen Zotto says:

    I agree with the Petition to Eliminate the 9-6 Rule. When teachers are set up for success and economic stability, our students ultimately benefit.

  214. Marga Ryersbach says:

    Please add my name; QCC.

  215. Rebecca L. Salois says:

    I agree. This needs to be eliminated. Although of course, the ultimate goal is parity, there needs to be something in the meantime. The elimination of this rule,as well as the graduate assistant limitations is necessary. This rule only hurts adjuncts and forces them to look for outside employment. Adjuncts go to other campuses or find outside work, sometimes working at 4 or 5 places. Eliminating this rule would allow adjuncts to find a “home” on a campus and therefore dedicate more time to the students there instead of running from campus to campus to outside job all in one day.

    The Graduate Center, Baruch College, Hostos Community College
    Formerly: Hunter College, Brooklyn College, Fashion Institute (SUNY)

  216. Ryan Tracy says:

    On board.

  217. Monique Whitaker says:

    Agreed. Please add me to the signatories.

  218. Maria Plochocki says:

    Hear, hear: let’s be real about why certain policies are really being implemented and enforced (or not). Enough of the BS.

  219. Daniela D'Eugenio says:

    Thank you!

  220. QCC and BMCC. I’m all for it.

  221. Elena Brunn says:

    It’s time.

  222. Brandon Kreitler says:

    BMCC, QCC.

  223. Randi Ross says:

    This rule does no one any good.
    NYCCT and BMCC

  224. Lisa Karakaya says:

    I concur. Queens College

  225. Katia Belousova says:

    Please eliminate this restriction. Lehman College.

  226. Stephanie Carberrt says:


  227. Marimer Berberena says:

    totally agree!

    It is similar to what happens to the position of “college assistants” in CUNY that cannot work more than 22 hours a week. The reason the Union gives is to protect employers from working full time for a part time position. This is legitimate yet does not solve the problem of under-employment.

  228. Edward Diamond says:

    I agree

  229. Eleonora Chorekchan, adjunct lecturer, LaGuardia CC says:

    I agree. In fact last semester there were classes in need of instructors. Our department was asking faculty to accept additional classes. I expressed an interested in teaching more classes. But my dept was unable to give me more classes due to the 9-6 rule, as I was already given the maximum allowed. I was willing to take one more class, they needed instructors to take additional classes, but their hands were tied and I missed out on badly needed income due to the 9-6 rule.

  230. Eleonora Chorekchan, adjunct lecturer says:

    I agree. In fact last semester there were classes in need of instructors. Our department was asking faculty to accept additional classes. I expressed an interested in teaching more classes. But my dept was unable to give me more classes due to the 9-6 rule, as I was already given the maximum allowed. I was willing to take one more class, they needed instructors to take additional classes, but their hands were tied and I missed out on badly needed income due to the 9-6 rule.

  231. Adrienne Urbanski says:

    Borough of Manhattan Community College
    Kingsborough Community College

  232. Julie Vega says:


  233. Andrew Levy says:

    I agree!

  234. Benjamin Adam says:

    Hunter College and The Graduate Center

  235. Robin McGinty says:

    The Graduate Center

  236. Erin Michaels says:

    The Graduate Center

  237. Sangdong (Sandy) Tak says:

    I was looking forward to this!!!
    Because of this rule, I have to go to Long Island to teach.

  238. Oyku Tekten says:

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

  239. Gregory Munna says:

    I agree. BMCC

  240. Gregory Munna says:

    Agreed. BMCC

  241. Yasmin Gruss says:

    Agreed! Brooklyn college

  242. Errol Prince says:

    I totally agree with the petition. The 9/6 rule must be eliminated.

  243. DeShawn Winslow says:


  244. Thane Doss says:

    Ex-Grad Center, York, Hunter, KCC, BMCC, UFS.
    Were remuneration for adjuncts adequate, there’d be no need
    to teach 15 credit hours in fall and spring semesters and another 6 in summer to earn a bit less than someone hired to the tenure track and working 2/3 as much earns to start.

  245. Meredith Benjamin says:

    Baruch College

  246. […] be changed. We therefore call on full- and part-time faculty, staff, and graduate assistants to sign and circulate this petition demanding that the 9-6 rule be rescinded in ongoing contract negoti… As we continue the fight for a good contract, we must also fight to ensure that it is a fair […]

  247. Jaime Weida says:

    BMCC. I am former adjunct faculty, now full-time, and I always support adjuncts’ rights.

  248. Rose Merola says:


  249. Alec Magnet says:

    Adjunct lecturer, CCNY

  250. Hamad Sindhi says:

    Agreed. Adjunct at CCNY.

  251. Ann Kottner says:

    York College and City Tech

  252. Eliminate this limit.

  253. Liza Shapiro says:

    Absolutely concur. Hunter College.

  254. Laura Rita Visco says:

    I concur with the petition.

  255. Mohammed Tkachmita says:

    The City College of New York

  256. Amy Martin says:

    Graduate Center

  257. Agreed. says:

    The Graduate Center

  258. Racquel Goodison says:


  259. Kawai Wong says:

    Baruch College

  260. Dennis Delgado says:

    As an adjunct lecturer, I concur with the petition.

  261. Victoria Tomasulo says:

    CUNY Graduate Center…. I agree that we need to eliminate the 9-6 contract rule and increase pay substantially for adjuncts, especially those with PhDs.

  262. Kelly Secovnie says:


  263. Courtney Frantz says:

    Please eliminate this rule!

  264. Julia Heim says:

    This is essential!

  265. Osha Smith-Gittelman says:

    The Graduate Center

  266. Jason Ciaccio says:


  267. Raymond Scannell says:

    Hunter College

  268. Luisanna Sardu says:

    I concur. Queens College.

  269. Indira skoric says:

    agreed. KBCC

  270. Francisco A. Del Castillo says:

    I agree: the 9-6 rule should be eliminated.

    Francisco A. Del Castillo
    Adjunct Lecturer
    John Jay College

  271. David Topel says:

    I support the elimination of the 9-6 rule for adjuncts, also the limitations on adjunct teaching for grad fellows, especially international students with no other available legal source of income.

  272. David Muir says:

    I absolutely agree

  273. Pablo Garcia says:

    The Graduate Center

  274. Philip Johnson says:

    Graduate Center

  275. Jon MacKay Gobeil says:

    As an adjunct lecturer for CUNY, I concur with the above petition.

  276. Jason Schneiderman says:


  277. Douglas Parker says:


  278. Nora Carr says:

    Queens College

  279. Vasily Lvov says:

    As an adjunct lecturer, I concur with this petition. Baruch College.

  280. Laura Di Bianco says:

    Hunter College

  281. Vasily Lvov says:

    As an adjunct lecturer, I concur with the petition.

  282. Sandra Trappen says:

    Queens College

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